UT employee competes on NBC’s “Minute to Win It”

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Ryan McCall and his wife Jennifer compete against a couple from Los Angeles to win cash prizes on the next episode of the NBC reality competition show “Minute to Win It.”

McCall, a safety and health specialist at The University of Toledo, can’t give us a heads up on if they win or lose, so we’ll just have to watch the “Couples Showdown” episode at 9 p.m. Wednesday, March 9.

“It was an amazing experience and I had an absolute blast throughout this whole process,” McCall said.

Usually, the contestants on “Minute to Win It” race the clock to complete each of ten challenges in just 60 seconds. After each challenge they can stay and play or take the cash and dash. Contestants can win up to $ 1million.

In this episode instead, the couples race against each other to see who will finish the challenges first. A preview of the episode shows McCall stacking empty two-liter bottles and tossing ping-pong balls into empty cups.

“I know it looks easy on TV and I thought so too before, but it’s completely different when you get on stage in front of the studio audience and the cameras,” McCall said. “I know you sit at home and wonder how can he not do that? After being there, I know how hard it really is.”

McCall, who has worked at the University for four years, said his wife Jennifer participated in a regional casting call in Detroit and from there they were invited to a boot camp to compete to make it onto an episode.

“It’s kind of surreal to think we were selected out of the I don’t even know how many people who tried out,” McCall said.

Chef and TV personality Guy Fieri hosts the show and McCall said “he is just as cool as you would think he is.”

The McCalls will host family and friends for a “Minute to Win It” party Wednesday night in their Detroit area home and he fully expects many laughs at his expense.

“I give you permission to laugh. I know I will be,” McCall said. “I’m both excited and nervous to see what we look like on TV.”

For more information about the show and to watch a preview of the episode staring the McCalls, visit

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m so excited for tomorrow’s brand new Minute To Win It!!! This couples showdown looks like the best one yet! I just KNOW the McCall’s are going to do great! I don’t know whose gonna win but I know I’m going to stay tuned to NBC tomorrow at 8!!!

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