Zoo Receives $100,000 from Eaton for New Elephant Exhibit

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Toledo, Ohio—The Eaton Corporation today presented a “Powering Communities Grant” of $100,000 to the Toledo Zoo’s Capital Campaign for the new elephant exhibit.

The generous Capital Campaign contribution was presented today at the Zoo’s recently completed Phase One of the elephant exhibit renovations. “We’re delighted with Eaton’s support for our new elephant facility,” said Executive Director Dr. Anne Baker speaking on behalf of the Toledo Zoo. “Eaton’s gift commemorates the company’s 100th anniversary and exemplifies their strong community spirit. The new elephant facility will increase our ability to provide excellent animal care along with new and engaging opportunities for our visitors to learn about caring for elephants, both in the Zoo and in the wild. This is a wonderful gift for both the Zoo and the community and we are deeply appreciative.”

According to Jeff Finch, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Eaton’s Fluid Conveyance Business, “Eaton is pleased to be a key part of the Toledo Zoo’s new Elephant Exhibit. This grant of $100,000 is a unique way to celebrate Eaton’s 100th anniversary and is a great example of tangible support for the communities in which Eaton’s employees work and live.”

Thanks to this generous Capital Campaign contribution from the Eaton Corporation coupled with the support of the Lucas County voters, this innovative elephant exhibit is becoming a reality and Phase Two is scheduled to open next spring. This new elephant facility will enable the Zoo to ensure the well-being of the elephants, offering great opportunities for enrichment, exercise and overall care for these majestic animals.

Together with partners like the Eaton Corporation we are combining extraordinary care for elephants with an extraordinary experience for our visitors, envisioning a Zoo that’s more engaging, greener and sets an even higher standard for animal care – a Zoo that remains, in a word, extraordinary!

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