Complimentary Review of Collection Language Offered

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Toledo, Ohio (May 31, 2011) – Scheer, Green and Burke, L.P.A., a 33-year-old, Toledo-based law firm specializing in collecting past due account receivables, offers a complimentary review of business’ collection language and process.

“By making sure that you capture accurate, up-to-date patient information and use simple and straightforward collection language, you will be able to minimize the number of delinquent accounts that drag down your business,” commented Hal Burke, SGB principal and debt consultant. “If you feel you already have a solid collection process, let this be an opportunity to have an experienced professional take a look at the bigger picture with you – look at your collection success rate, adjust your collection language, suggest and implement new ideas on the front end, so fewer accounts go past due.”

Since 1978, Scheer, Green and Burke have been providing tools to businesses aimed at accelerating cash flow.

To schedule a complimentary review, call 419.243.2283.

About Scheer, Green and Burke, L.P.A.

Scheer, Green and Burke is a full-service, contingency-fee-based collections law firm. Establishing a debt collection process does not have to be complex, confusing or overly expensive. With the right direction and strategy, Scheer, Green and Burke can develop a comprehensive approach to handling slow-pay and no-pay accounts. To learn more about Scheer, Green and Burke, please visit or call 419.243.2283.

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