New! Five Simple and Effective Debt Collection Tips

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Are You Using These Five Simple and Effective Debt Collection Tips in Your Business?

Cash is the life blood of any business. Collections law firm, Scheer, Green and Burke, presents five tips to accelerating cash flow in the down economy.

To request your complimentary tip sheet, call Hal Burke at 419.243.2283 or email hburke123@aol.com. No obligation.

About Scheer, Green and Burke
Scheer, Green and Burke is a full-service, contingency-fee based collections law firm located in Toledo, Ohio. Formed in 1978, Scheer, Green and Burke practice solely in the area of Collection Law and has developed a systematic approach to debt collection. SGB provides 70 years of collection experience and consulting in the following areas: repossession/replevin, landlord/tenant, medical, liens/mechanics liens, student loans, credit unions, credit cards, government/tax, judgment enforcement, utilities/communications. To learn more about Scheer, Green and Burke, please call 419.243.2283 or visit www.nationalcollectionattorneys.com.

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