Local Art Group Exhibiting at Maker Faire Detroit 2011

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Local experimental art group TECH|DISOBEY|LAB will be taking their audio/visual expedition on the road to The Henry Ford Museum for Maker Detroit 2011, July 30-31.

TECH|DISOBEY|LAB is best known for their use of electronic salvage and reclaimed materials to explore sound and visuals through DIY electronics, circuit bending, and self-made instruments. And don’t forget their solar-audio public installations. (http://techdisobeylab.wordpress.com/)

Maker Faire was created by the publishers of MAKE Magazine and draws tech and DIY enthusiasts. The event also attracts families, school teachers, students, local science, hobby and tech clubs, as well as those who are drawn by a curiosity for the unorthodox and often whimsical MacGyver-like nature of Makers and their projects. (http://makerfaire.com/detroit/2011/)

The art group will be installing a 10 foot wall of tube monitors, DIY synthesizers, and other “bent” devices that participants will able to interact with by using laser devices to control the audio and video output (Maker Faire Exhibitor #5432).

In addition to the interactive audio/visual Maker Faire exhibit, TECH|DISOBEY|LAB will be promoting their latest project, DIY419 TV — a public-access television show for broadcast in the Greater Toledo area to educate and promote DIY art & culture. DIY419 TV is seeking funding on Kickstarter.com; for more details or to pledge your support and receive great rewards please visit: http://kck.st/diy419tv

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