Owens Raises Violence Against Women Awareness With Display

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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH – Owens Community College is raising society’s awareness of violent crimes against women by serving as host to a Silent Witness Project public display on Thursday, Sept. 22. The public is encouraged to join the campus community and participate in the educational awareness program.

Coordinated by Owens’ Office of Student Activities, the Silent Witness Project will be available for public display from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts Rotunda on the Toledo-area Campus. The College is located on Oregon Road in Perrysburg Township.

The Silent Witness Project at Owens is being presented in collaboration with the Northwest Ohio chapter of the Silent Witness Project, which was established by the Women’s Center at Bowling Green State University. Currently, there are over 50 silhouette witnesses in the local collection. Owens will display 10 of BGSU’s silhouette figures.

Bowling Green’s Silent Witness Project is a visual display of free-standing, life-sized red wooden figures that are silhouettes of women who have been murdered in an act of domestic violence during the last 10 years in Northwest Ohio. Each silhouette includes an individual chest plate as well as a detailed story about the person’s life and murder. The goal of the Silent Witness Project is to raise the awareness of domestic murders and violence and remember those who lost their lives as a result of an act of violence.

In 1990, an advocacy group of Minnesota women artists and writers joined together with several other women’s organizations to form the Arts Action Against Domestic Violence in response to 26 women losing their lives as result of domestic violence in Minnesota. Together with several other women’s organizations, the new Silent Witness National Initiative was established with the goal of creating 26 free-standing, life-sized red wooden figures, each one bearing the name of a woman whose life was ended abruptly and violently at the hands of a husband, ex-husband, partner or acquaintance. An additional figure was added to represent those uncounted women whose murders went unsolved or were erroneously ruled accidental. The organizers called the figures the Silent Witnesses.

Locally, the Northwest Ohio chapter of the Silent Witness Project was founded in 2001 by the Women’s Center staff at Bowling Green State University in response to the 2000 murder of a college graduate.

For more information about the public display, call the (567) 661-7583 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, Ext. 7583.

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