iPhone Photography 101 (iPhonography)

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A Class for those with an iPhone, iPad, or a love of Photography
Saturday, 10/8/11 – 11 am. – 2 pm. 20 North Gallery Class Cost: $40

About the Class
Harry Sandler will be bringing Toledo the opportunity to get on the leading edge of a new art, “iPhone-ography”. (There are about 100 practitioners worldwide)

Harry Sandler is one of the few individuals teaching the art of making creative images with the iPhone. “The iPhone is eerily reminiscent of that first Polaroid,” Sandler explained. “A virtual camera and darkroom in your pocket. Only now with the advent of iPhone 4 applications, one can alter the image to suit that internal vision. It also allows me to push the rules and add my own touch to each and every image — right there on the spot. Additionally, I enjoy the ability to post the images instantly on various platforms on the World Wide Web while traveling the world, a visual diary of sorts”.

This class is for the entry level iPhone artist. Harry will discuss the software available, how to use it, the finesse of the picture, and the many options available for further education.

Spending over 30 years traveling the world as a tour manager for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Van Halen, the Eagles, Jewel, and more, has given Harry Sandler rare opportunities to capture legends, landscapes and everyday life on film. as a pioneer of the iPhoneography movement, Harry Sandler also harnesses emerging technology in processing his photos into unique pieces of art.

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Cutting edge stuff, we are kicking Columbus’s butt again! They don’t have this! lol.

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