Project RIZE! Dedication

Posted Sep 30th, 2011 by David Bush  Category: Community Interest


The purpose of the “Rize!” project is to restore communities through the hands of youth. This call to action will allow teens to utilize their artistic talents and spirit of volunteerism.

Over a few summer weekends Madd Poets Society youth installed a flower garden and purchased park benches that were decorated with inspirational words and artwork. We will bring this project to a close with a poetry reading and dedication of this wonderful area where both the staff and its participants can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that was created.

This year’s recipient for our community service project was “Women Blessing Women” an outstanding and much deserving organization.

(Madd Poets Society, giving a voice to every youth!)

Where: Women Blessing Women, 223 Page Street
What: Poetry reading and dedication
When: Saturday, October 1, @1pm

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