Conservative Groups Hold Rally/Call-a-Thon on Issues 2 & 3

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Perrysburg, OH – 10/31/2011 – Americans for Prosperity and the Northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition will be holding a Town Hall and Call-a-Thon on Thursday November 3 from noon to 8:00pm in Perrysburg at 134 W. S. Boundary. The purpose of this event is to answer voter questions about Issues 2 and 3, distribute yard signs and literature and call prospective voters to encourage turnout on November 8. “We will also be holding question and answer sessions on Issues 2 and 3 featuring experts on SB5 and Obamacare” says Linda Bowyer of the Northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition. “Seth Morgan of Americans for Prosperity knows SB5 front and back, and can explain in very simple terms why Issue 2 must pass. He’ll be giving a short presentation at 5:00 p.m. and will stay to answer questions on Issue 2. John Mc Avoy of The Ohio Project probably knows more about the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Law than most of the members in Congress. John will be available to answer voter questions regarding the Healthcare Freedom Amendment”.

Individuals interested in volunteering to help with the event can email the Patriot Coalition at nwopatriots@gmail.com. More information on the rally and call-a-thon can found on Facebook at the Northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition.

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Linda Bowyer - Northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition

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