Stand Up Toledo was a SUCCESS!!!

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Our second large event since we began operations in January of 2011 was Stand Up Toledo. This was a comedy event set up to showcase 10 Local comedians at the Maumee Indoor Theater on January 15, 2012. The night started out slow and the weather seemed to be cooperative. Before we knew it, the line began to build in the lobby of the Theater. When the official ‘door open’ time reached, the people flooded into the theater and filled the seats. Before 8pm and the show officially started, there were very few seats remaining and people were still coming through the doors.

The comedians that took the stage really set a great vibe for those in attendance, as well as created an all new awareness for local comedy. Chili Challis (the Host) entertained the crowd at the beginning of the show as well as between each comedian and really made the show ‘pop’ with his comedic stage presence. Each comedian delivered about 15 minutes of great comedy and the entertainment factor never slowed throughout the entire 3 hour event, which is almost unheard of.

The only complaint we ended up getting was that there was no Alcoholic beverages available for the attendees. This is a minimal concern considering all of the other aspects of the event and the complete satisfaction of the majority in attendance. Next year we are considering the option of Alcoholic beverages. Yes, that’s right, there will definitely be a 2013 Stand Up Toledo and it will definitely be at the Maumee Indoor Theater again. The official attendance count of the first Annual Stand Up Toledo was 463 people.

If for any reason you missed the event or wish you could re-live the event, don’t worry, we will have a DVD ready soon! So stay tuned for the official screening and release. Thank you all once again!!!

For all information pertaining to Stand Up Toledo, visit www.StandUpToledo.com

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