Euchre Showdown In Perrysburg

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Euchre Showdown I

We are planning our first (of many to come) Euchre Tournament titled: Euchre Showdown I. This showdown will be held on March 18th at Graystone Banquet Hall in Perrysburg, OH (see image and address below). The Games will begin at 3pm sharp.

Do you have what it takes to win? The game of euchre has been played in this country since the early 1800?s. At one time it was considered the national card game. It is still number one in many parts of the mid-west. While an easy game to learn, it takes a bit of work to master.
Showdown Entry is $20 Per Person
Event Entry is $5 Per Person

(Event Entry Not applicable if Showdown Entry is purchased)

To Sign Up Online Click HERE
This will be a Double Elimination Tournament!!

A Double Elimination Tournament is a test of a team’s euchre skill. Team match ups are based solely on the luck of the draw, so playing against someone you don’t know is not only a good test of euchre ability, It also involves being able to read your opponents. Winners of each game move forward to the next line, and the losers move down to the losers bracket. If there is only one space in a round, that team gets a ‘bye’ and moves up the ladder to the next round.
We are only accepting 25 Teams!!! Sign Ups must be done in pairs.

Euchre is played using a deck of 24 cards (standard deck of cards with the two’s through the eight’s removed. 4 players in teams of 2 sit opposite each other. Rank of trump cards: Right Bower, Left Bower, Ace, King, Queen, Ten, Nine. Other suits: rank as usual Ace – Nine. First team that makes 10 points wins.

The hand is started by one player dealing face up one card at a time till a jack appears. The person that receives the jack starts the game by dealing each player 5 cards. This is normally done in groups of 2?s and 3?s although the some circles(mainly north of the border) it is ok to one card at a time. It is the custom (and in many circles mandatory ) to offer a cut to the person on the right, before dealing the first card. After dealing out 5 cards to everyone there should be 4 cards left. These are places face down in front of the dealer and the top card turned face up.

The Showdown will be at:
Graystone Banquet Hall
29084 Hufford Rd
Perrysburg, OH

For more information call: (419) 290-7209 or email: Laura@JLESinc.com

To sign up online visit: www.ToDoToledo.com

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