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Toledo SOUP to hold inaugural meal event Sunday, March 4
What: Toledo SOUP micro-grant meal event
When: Sunday, March 4, 5-9 p.m.
Where: The Davis Building Lobby, 116 10th Street (between Monroe & Jefferson)
Toledo, OH – A new community micro-grant event that will literally serve Toledo will host its
first official event on Sunday, March 4, from 5-9 p.m. in the historic Davis Building Lobby.
Toledo SOUP is new opportunity for local artists, activists, entrepreneurs and others looking
to activate low-dollar community projects with high-impact yields.
Here’s how SOUP works:
1. Guests pay $5 at the door of a meal event
2. That $5 gets guests a soup dinner, including side salad and bread
3. While guests eat, they’ll listen to community project proposals
4. After dinner, guests vote on their favorite proposal
5. The top vote-getter wins the pot of door money collected that evening
The intent of the project is create community buy-in on low-dollar projects ($250-$500) that
will have a meaningful and immediate impact on the greater community.
Toledo SOUP received 32 proposal submissions for this first event. Projects ranged from art
and cultural proposals, to activism and entrepreneurship. Those submissions were screened
by a selection committee, and five proposals were selected to present at the actual meal
The committee selected proposals based on a number of criteria, including (1) Quality and
coherency of the proposal, (2) Appropriateness to the Toledo SOUP submission guidelines,
(3) Community impact of the project, (4) feasibility of completion of the project based on the
proposal, and (5) a demonstration of innovation and forward-thinking in the project idea.
The five finalists who will present at the March 4 meal event are as follows (in no particular
order). After the dinner at the event, those attending will vote, and only one top vote-getter will
leave with the funds that evening.
I) tart::projects submitted by Kimberly Adams
tart::projects is a newly formed organization that is geared towards promoting
excellence in the arts. The long term goal of tart::projects is to form a multi-disciplinary
artist-in-residency program that would house approximately twenty emerging artists at
one time from all over the world with lengths of stays varying. The artist-in-residence
program has the potential house more than 250 artists in a year with residencies
lasting anywhere from two weeks to six weeks with the average stay being four weeks.
Before this can become a reality, tart::projects needs to build in a way so it can sustain.
In order to do that, we will be holding a number of events (specifics below) yearly that
promote our local artists along with artists in the Midwestern region.
II) Glass City Pedicabs submitted by Maxwell Austin
Glass City Pedicabs is a bicycle taxi company. The company runs three-wheel bike
taxis to transport people. The bikes are non-motorized, fully pedal-powered, and
completely “green.” Taxi drivers work for tips only to provide affordable means of
transportation to the Downtown, Uptown, and Warehouse District neighborhoods for
games, bars, lunch hour, etc.
III) Glass City Goat Gals submitted by Elizabeth Harris & Unique Jones
Glass City Goat Gals vision to start a vegetation management and weed control
business. They provide services to public and private landowners. They will be capable
of providing services to both small and large properties. The goal is to provide
professional, quality, and eco friendly services to the community. The Goat Gals vision
is to utilize this business opportunity to as a multi- faceted resource for Toledo.
IV) Toledo’s Petbull Project submitted by Cindy Reinsel
Toledo’s PET Bull Project was founded by a group of dog owners, lovers and trainers in
our community with three main goals in mind: to Prevent animal cruelty and dog
fighting in our community, to Educate youth on how to treat animals humanely and to
stay away from dog fighting, gangs and drugs, and also the advantages of spay and
neuter and to Train pets and people on how to become responsible pet owners and
good advocates for their breed in our community.
V) Force Within Community Garden submitted by Beth Lewandowski
The Force Within is a youth group that meets in ONE Village. The youth work to make
a better community for themselves and the neighborhood. The group plans to build a
community flower garden in a vacant lot at the corner of Lagrange and Bancroft. The
youth hope to start the garden and then interest other youth from that area to join them
in completing and maintaining the garden. This allows the youth to take pride in their
In addition to the SOUP event, the new music retail and event space in the Davis
Building,BeBop Records and Third Space, is offering a special 15% off discount on any
purchase. Just mention the Toledo SOUP Special when you check out.
For more information on the SOUP-style micro-granting movement, please enjoy the following
– Sunday Soup Network: The Sunday Soup Network helps keep track of the numerous
soup events being held across the country and around the world, including keeping a
tally of collective money granted through this unofficial network of community groups.
– Over Bowls of Soup, Donors find Recipe for Change: This feature on NPR helps
explain the soup movement and process of a soup event.
***Toledo SOUP is community work group composed of concerned citizens with backgrounds
in the the arts, activism, entrepreneurship, the law, and other community-oriented efforts

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