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Please join us as we experience Muzic Mystic: Lisa A. HighTower: THEE’ Oracle – singer, songwriter and musician.

Enjoy an evening of conscious spiritual music freely flowing from the heart. You will experience THEE’ Oracle’s unique gift to receive and give personal songs on the spot, create original music, sing with an angelic voice and joyfully engage with her audience. Don’t miss this life transforming experience!

About THEE’ Oracle
Singer, songwriter, musician and composer Lisa A. HighTower: THEE’ Oracle is a Music Mystic™. Opening a conduit for conscious & spiritual music to freely flow through her, she brings a unique flavor and style to what we have typically thought of and experienced with a medium. Her readings or Musings™ as she has coined them, are given through songs that are channeled & performed on the spot, spawning lyrics that speak directly to the soul, situation and life of particular audience members.

Her powerful gifts as Vocalist/Lyricist/?Musician and Intuit/Seer put her on the cutting edge of a unique way to share or give readings or as she says, Musings™.

You will walk away from this night with an experience to remember…!!!

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