Themed Rooms at The SOSEG Fest

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We have planned so many exciting and mind blowing experiences for this event. Not only will there be live music and a lot of Visual Art on display, there will also be Themed Areas. Let us break down our Floor Plan for you, so you can better understand what we intend on creating.(Visit our Vendors page for the Floor Plan)

DJ/Urban Area

This area will have a full bar and showcase Urban Art as well as Performances by up-beat DJ’s as well as Hip Hop and R&B acts. We are envisioning a gritty feel that is similar to that of New York City Night Life. You may ask, “But it’s in the day time, how can it be a Party?”. Well, the last time we checked, you didn’t need the sun to go down in order to have a great time. Music and Energy does not follow the concept of Day-Time/Night-Time, It flows from a Heartbeat. So come pump yours up in the DJ/Urban Area.

“The VIllage”

Stemming from the concept era of “Greenwich Village” and the explosion of Folk Music and Art expression. We will have several Acoustic performers and Eclectic visual arts on display in this area. We are encouraging the performers and the artists compiled in this area to collaborate with each other and make a great improvisational experience. Nothing is fully structured, it all comes from the Feel of what makes sense and is creative.

“Tin Pan Alley”

“Tin Pan Alley” will be your entrance to this wonderful event will showcase some of the greatest works of art from vendors and artists throughout the event, as well as some of our personal interest selections. You will also get to enjoy a great piano player creating an atmosphere that will warm the soul and spark the mind. Your experience in this hallway will let you know that you have come to the right place at the right time.

“Bayou Blues”

This area will be dedicated to that significant “New Orleans Flavor” of Music and Art. Not only will we showcase some Blues and Soul Artists, but we will also have the area decorated in a way that will give it that nice Southern Feel.

Main Showcase Stage

As stated on our Performers page, we are not promoting this event as a ‘Concert’ in any way. The event will have several sections of live music throughout the entire event. However, once an hour we will be Showcasing live performances as well as making announcements and other ‘Secret’ entertainment experiences on the Main Showcase Stage.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to visit the Contact Us page.
This all goes down March 31st from noon to 8pm at the Omni (Click image below)

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