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Local independent writer and published author, Craig A. Combs, in collaboration with Third Space and B-Bop Records of Toledo, Ohio, cordially invites you to a candid and revealing poetry event unlike any other. The author once lived and worked in the Old West End in the early- to mid-1990s and has recently returned with a transformed, and some would say visionary, perspective on life, following two decades of living in the Deep South and traveling around the world on his personal quest for truth and self-discovery.

Craig brings his own natural candidness and a playful penchant for mystery and intrigue onto the stage as he engages his audience with a story of personal struggles, perseverance, and transcendence, through a collection of creative writings spanning three decades, which he shares from his recently published book, Taking Tea in the Black Rose: Singing Through the Shadows Until We’re Dancing in the Light.

This solo author event takes place at Third Space/B-Bop Records on Thursday, May 10th from 7:00-9:00 pm in conjunction with the Toledo Arts Commission’s monthly Art Walk, but feel free to stop by anytime after 6:00 pm to meet Craig and share your ideas about herbalism and natural healing, planetary evolution, or simply about living the authentic life. Friends and family of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend this one-of-a-kind, artistic endeavor in a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere. Come celebrate our collective history and future as we unite in creative purpose and mutual love. See you there.

third space/B-Bop Records
137 N. Michigan Street
Toledo, Ohio


Craig Allen Combs was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, and is currently celebrating 25 years as a poet and independent writer. After studying French and Philosophy at Kalamazoo College, his interests and travels have brought him to places like France, New Orleans, the Hawaiian Islands, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, both coasts of Mexico, and many other parts of North America—including Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he lived and worked for almost ten years prior to his recent return to the Midwest.

Two and a half decades after embarking on his greatest journey of self-discovery, both personally and artistically, Craig shares the most significant pieces of his “life in poetic expression” in one body of work—which he recently published with Balboa Press in a 148-page book titled Taking Tea in the Black Rose: Singing Through the Shadows Until We’re Dancing in the Light—thereby transmuting these raw gems of soulful imagination into a luminescent and uniquely charitable tool for the benefit of not just his own emotional and spiritual healing, but also for the Earth and humanity as a whole. “As I transform myself, so I transform all life.”

By combining this natural devotion to service with his native sense of intuition, Craig has also spent the last seven years as a practitioner of Holographic Repatterning™—a modern energetic healing system based on the fundamental principles and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and Native American and other Western traditions of healing. The author is currently enrolled as a student of East-West Herbology; and in addition to his ongoing practice of creative writing and public readings, his passions include the culinary arts, nature photography, and holistic health.


Craig Combs was born in 1969, near the end of a highly volatile decade in American and world history marked by unprecedented social unrest and constant outcries for real political change. Thus, his inherent passion for personal freedom and global equality, along with a soulful appreciation for natural beauty and the arts, presents itself throughout this subtly yet carefully framed collection of original poetry.

Apart from the accelerated frequency and intensity of key events in the world presently, the times are not much different than they were back then; yet in spite of his fair share of life’s thorns and blisters, the author has remained steadfast in his devotion to service and to love, moving boldly forward through the tears of disappointment, while gathering the harvest of a hundred mended hearts along the way.

For both the serious student of life’s occult mysteries and the casual literary buff alike, this compilation speaks to each reader deliberately and distinctly, in a language only they can hear or pronounce. Taking Tea in the Black Rose is a tensely visceral and intriguingly candid exploration of the author’s own heart and soul. It does not demand to be read from chapter to chapter, like some books, or even from cover to cover. Nevertheless, a second reading is sincerely advised, with a nice cup of tea on the side.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3841-9 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4525-3842-6 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-4525-3843-3 (e)
Library of Congress Control Number: 2011914856


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