Formula SAE Team Bringing Race Car To Perrysburg

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A team of engineering students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City is slated to appear at IMCO Carbide Tool in Perrysburg at 10 a.m., Tuesday, May 8, to present its 2012 Formula SAE race car, built with parts machined with tools donated by IMCO.

The Perrysburg visit coincides with the Formula SAE design competition at Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan, May 7-14, where more than 100 teams vie for honors in seven categories. The Hardrocker Racing team – named for the school’s Black Hills locale and mining programs – builds a race car from the ground up every year to compete against other engineering schools nationally. All team members – 30+ in 2012 – are volunteers, and all solicit sponsors.

Engineering student and team member Jordan Krell said he e-mailed the top 30 Google results of a machine tools search in December. IMCO was one of just two that responded.

The e-mail came to Matt Osburn, IMCO Vice President, Technical Director: “I thought, ‘That sounds kind of cool.’” Application Support Team Leader Steve Avers, an avid race car builder himself, agreed.

“They said they worked a lot in aluminum and steels and a little in titanium,” Osburn said, “so I rounded up a bunch of tools for those materials.” Osburn estimates the value of the tools donated to the team then and since to be between $5,000 and $10,000.

Krell described the first assortment of end mills as “awesome. “It was like Christmas.”

The assortment included STREAKER® M20 end mills for aluminum, POW•R•FEED® M904 end mills for general-purpose machining, enDURO® M525 end mills for titanium and nasty-hard steels, IMCO FR10 reamers, and prototype tools for cutting carbon fiber for body components.

“The reason I did it,” Osburn explained, “is to encourage future engineers and problem solvers. We need those people because they strengthen our manufacturing base and that strengthens our country. You can’t have a strong nation without a strong manufacturing base.”

The FSAE team is one of 14 teams at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (CAMP), which provides students with opportunities to apply their developing technical skills in real-world situations that involve fundraising, planning, deadlines and international competitions. Find out more about the team, the Formula SAE competition and the Center at the team’s web site, and the CAMP site,

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