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(Released April 26, 2012) – Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s 16th Ruth Blank Venner and Mary Jane Blank McCormick Essay Contest. The Library nearly doubled the number of entries for this year’s contest, with a total of 1,137 area youth from grades K through 12 entering amazing essays on the theme: You Have the Power! Congratulations to all who entered!
Here’s a list of the winners and their essays:
Hannah Sue Love – Grade 1 – Toledo Heights Branch
My Magic Hands
My super-power would be magic hands that could heal people who are sick or hurt.  I could use them any time I needed to, because I would be able to tell if somebody had a disease or hurt in an accident.  It would depend what was wrong with a person or an animal, but when my hands started to heal they would glow a different color.   If somebody had a disease or sick my hands would glow a bright blue.   If someone was hurt, they would glow green.  If I was healing a broken bone they would glow red and black.  Also my hands could even heal a broken heart, and they would glow a light purple.  It would feel awesome to heal people and help them feel better and not in pain anymore.   When I grow up I want to be a teacher and a doctor.   That way, I could heal people or animals using Medicine and my magic hands. 
Madelyn Kost – Kindergarten – Maumee Branch
I am pow princess.   I save animals.   I lead baby birds to their nests.  I save dolphins from sharks.   After rain I pick up worms.  I do it when an animal calls for help.   All I’ll have to say is Power Come!  I really like my job.
John James Love – Grade 2 – Toledo Heights Branch
If I had a super power it would be the ability to soak up radiation and turn it into a clean energy people can use as power.  My name would be Green-Man because I am fighting pollution and keeping the planet clean.  Radiation is dangerous and it can even kill people, and ruin the soil and water.  I would be able to absorb the radiation, kind of like a giant sponge, and then it changes to a good, clean resource.  I would be able to help people if there was a nuclear accident or explosion, anywhere in the world.   I would soak up the toxic waste and also keep people from dying from nuclear poisoning.  When I get older, I want to be a scientist and learn how to protect and save people and our planet by using science and discovering new ways to use energy and cleaning the environment.  The world would be a better place once the world knows how to safely get rid of it’s [sic] pollution.
HONORABLE MENTION –  Grades K-2 –  ea. $25
·        Lyric Clifton-Bowen – Grade 2 – Washington Branch
·        Lydia Crable – Grade 2 – Maumee Branch
·        Lydia Kuehner – Grade 1 – Waterville Branch
·        Eliana LaGreca – Grade 2 –  Heatherdowns Branch
·        Gene Lin – Grade 1 – Reynolds Corners Branch
·        Esther Joy Nixon – Grade 2 – Waterville Branch

Kyleigh E. Johnson – Grade 3 – Sanger Branch
My Super Power!
If I had a super power it would be the power of Brain Storm.  Brain Storm is the power to be super smart.  With this power I would be able to read any book in seconds!  I would also be able to solve any problem.  For example:  2,000,000 – 6,000 x 2 = 3,988,000.
I wouldn’t just solve very hard math problems and read books in seconds; I would solve world problems too.  Two major world problems that I would solve would be Global Warming and creating a cure for all kinds of cancer.
By solving Global Warming I would make ways to use more natural resources to make things.  This would make the Earth a better place to live for our future kids.
My grandpa has had, and my uncle may have, cancer on their skin.  If I have the power of brain storm, I would create an antidote made out of natural materials from the Earth.  Anybody who is diagnosed with cancer would instantly be cured when given the antidote. 
My super power can be used for good or evil, but I will choose to only use it to help people and the Earth.  When I want to use my super power, all I have to do is THINK!  When I think really hard about a problem that needs to be solved, my outfit I’m wearing magically transforms into my Brain Storm costume.  After my costume appears, and I am thinking very hard, I am able to solve ANY PROBLEM! 
There are many problems that need to be solved in the world today.  This is why my super power would be the Power of Brain Storm!
Grace Mulinix – Grade 4 – Holland Branch
My Superpower
If I had a superpower my power would be different than any other.   Not super strength, not super genius, nor would it be Invisibility it would be SUPER FRIEND.  I would choose that particular power because if I’m going to survive school or fifth grade next year I [sic] going to need to be a super friend.
I would use it not to save the city nor the world; more to save the day of someone said or hurt, because that’s what friends are for.  I could use it all the time and it will never expire.   Honestly, to active [sic] my power…I can’t.  You don’t need to be born with it either; you also don’t need to bitten by a radioactive bug or anything.
When you think about it any one could have this power if you try.  It starts with the simple things like helping solve fractions, to attending a birthday party, down to the simplest thing to do say hi.  And if you do these things like you mean it…you too can be a SUPER FRIEND.  Now this is not a silly power like being half man/half spider or half iron/half human, and it doesn’t involve silly costumes or masks or anything like that just be you and be kind.  Well that’s all I have to say about that so remember the next time a kid can’t find a seat give up your seat or simply share if you have any room to spare.  Basically if you let kindness be your guide the impossible can be possible.  After doing even one simple thing it feels like you can do anything.  Trust me!  DO IT AND YOU’LL FEEL GOOD!  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU TRY!
Morgan Kay Williams – Grade 4 – Reynolds Corners Branch
My Very Own….Super-Power!
If I could have any super-power, I would choose the power to be able to spread kindness everywhere I go…literally!   I would have a special kind of dust I could spread around wherever I go.  The dust would be like magic you can do anything with.  It can make you do any possible good deed as simple as holding a door open for someone or picking up litter. 
Most people would say my power is dumb because it doesn’t involve any crime-fighting steel man but it’s actually the little things in life that count.  My power is special to me because it helps other people to learn to be more kind.  It also helps them fully respect themselves and others surrounding them.  I don’t think a power would need to have adventures or anything to be the best power in the world; It just needs to be something you can set your mind to and believe in.  I feel you can set your mind to anything you’d like…as long as you try.  That’s why my power is special. 
HONORABLE MENTION – Grades 3-5 – ea. $25
·        Sydney Blanker – Grade 5 – Waterville Branch
·        Lexi Hough (Huff) – Grade 5 – Sylvania Branch
·        Katelyn Kane – Grade 5 – Point Place Branch
·        Jacquelyn Long – Grade 3 – Sylvania Branch
·        Serena Michael – Grade 4 – West Toledo Branch
·        Lauren Smith – Grade 5 – Sylvania Branch

Julian Denker – Grade 7 – Waterville Branch
The Power of Happiness
          Mark Twain once said, “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.”  Now, I’m sure the typical super powers other students chose were abilities such as flying, invisibility, or super strength. Don’t get me wrong, these would all be fabulous abilities to have, however I decided to shake this theme up a bit. The ability to make people happy in an instant would be my idea of the ideal super power. You could allow someone to see the joy in life through any way you desire. Sending this bliss could be done verbally, physically, or even telepathically. From a simple smile in the halls to a lengthy heartfelt letter, this function will still work its magic.
          Joy is the gift that keeps on giving! Once you have sent someone their soon to be happiness, they are instantly motivated to continue this cycle. Now, they may not have the ability to make another human being instantly happier, but they will at least attempt to share the glee bubbling up inside of them. Due to this cycle, eventually, schools, communities, and even countries will transform into loving, tranquil environments.
          All you need to activate this power is a fellow human that’s in need of some positive encouragement. Although this concept may seem simple and quite juvenile, I believe cheering people up in an instant is what will ultimately make our world a better place.
          I want you to ask yourself, “What are my priorities in life?” If a sport, your social life, or schoolwork immediately came to mind, I’m sorry to say you don’t possess the word’s most valuable super power. However, for the select few of you who answered making other’s lives better, kudos to you! Perhaps you didn’t realize it, but you’ve had a super power lingering inside you your whole life!  I challenge you to go shape our world into a better place. After all, that’s what giving happiness is all about; handing the blessings of life off to our fellow human beings!
Reagan Shull – Grade 7 – Main Library
You Have the Power!
By: Reagan Shull
That’s a good question!  If I had a superpower, what would it be?  Hmm.
If I had super strength, I could show off by throwing cars around and picking up gigantic buildings and throwing them all the way to China. If I had the power of flight, I could zoom around the sky and spend all my days in the clouds singing with the birds. If I had super human genius abilities, I could outsmart the most intelligent brainiacs and figure out any puzzle or challenge. If I could be invisible, I could sneakily slink into secret meetings and eavesdrop on any conversation. If I had super speed, I could zip around the world and see all the places I’ve ever wanted to and could easily swipe anything without anyone knowing. If I could read minds, I could know whatever anyone was thinking at all times and easily get tons of information about that person. If I could breathe underwater, I would spend my days in the sea and discover brightly colored fish and beautiful reefs, away from the world and everyone in it. If I had psychic powers, I would levitate objects to prank people and connect with other dimensions.
          If, if, if…so many “ifs”! All these cool things I could do if I only had some super powers, which I will probably never obtain. But I have obtained something from looking at all these “ifs” and powers; I’ve realized I don’t need any of them at all because I have the best superpower someone could ever have.  It’s not strength, flight, genius, invisibility, speed, mind reading, breathing underwater, or any other “super” power. I have the power to think and express myself, and that’s the only superpower a kid like me could ever ask for.
Alasha Higgs – Grade 6 – South Branch
          If I had to be a superhero I would want to be the Superhero of Kindness. There are a lot of kids today killing themselves just because they have nobody to be kind to them. Growing up, I have always seen people being mean, and all  those people wanted was for somebody to be nice to them.  We had a no bullying meeting at our school, it was nice. If I was the Superhero of Kindness, I could use my power whenever I wanted.  To activate my power, all you would have to say is “KIND” and I would be there. I would use my power to help people all over the world.
          I have 4 adventures to share with you. There was a girl on the playground, she was new to school.  Everybody picked on her and called her four-eyes. The girl said I wish someone would be KIND to me.  I hurried over there and said, “Hi! I’m Alasha, Can I play with you?”  I guess I made her day because she smiled so hard with a big “yes” on her face.  That was my first adventure. On my next adventure, there was a boy that always got picked on and got his books slapped out of his hands.  The boy said “This is not a KIND school at all.”  I came over and helped him pick up his books.  When he said thank you, I replied boldly, “Don’t thank me, it’s my job. On my third adventure, I met a boy and a girl that were twins.  Everybody called them Tweedle-deet and Tweedle-dum.  When they asked where are all the KIND people in this neighborhood were, I came and told them “You are special the way you are! And don’t let anybody tell you differently.”  When they thanked me, I said “You can call me THE KIND GIRL.” My last adventure was telling a teenager that was very moody, not to be so moody because nobody liked her. I told her to just change her attitude, that someone might like her if she was be nice to them. She said, “Oh thanks KIND girl!”  Again, I answered, “Don’t tank me, it’s my job.”
          Those are all my adventures. My power is used for good. My name is Alasha AKA KIND Girl. Catch you next time and don’t forget Always be KIND.
HONORABLE MENTION – Grades 6-8 – ea. $25
·        Marylynn Leinback             Grade 6       Sanger Branch
·        David Mulligan                   Grade 6         Sylvania Branch
·        Keneth Ordoñez                Grade 6           Sanger Branch
·        Rachel Paris                        Grade 7         Heatherdowns Branch
·        Mary-Catherine Scarlett      Grade 7       Maumee Branch
·        Hannah Withrow               Grade 8          Washington Branch  

Trent Clayton – Grade 9 – Maumee Branch
          Music can mean so much to a person. It has the power to make anyone happy, depressed, annoyed, or even energetic. For me, music is everything because without it, I would be a bored and hopeless person with not much to live for. I think all people would agree though because at some point we all need to just listen to something interesting and fulfilling. My superpower is to bring every day people happiness by using music. All I need is a guitar, and I can bring any person happiness. So if I had to choose, I would have the power to make anyone happy with the strum of a guitar.
          The power to make anyone experience happiness and amazement by the use of an instrument is probably not the most common choice for a superpower, but it just fits me right. I would love to make anyone that hears me be happier or amazed with what I play for them.  Also, while I am making every person’s day a little brighter, I get to carry around a guitar and play for people that are complete strangers to me. That would bring myself happiness and excitement in my life. To use the power of bringing people happiness no matter the situation, I just need a guitar.  And that is the beauty of this superpower. There are no hidden tricks or villains plotting to kill me because all I do is play music for the people that are forgetting to enjoy it.
          Surprisingly, my name has spread because of how many people love experiencing my music. I have recently been flown across the sea to put a show in London, England. The owners of the venue were going to charge $90 a ticket for the worse section in the amphitheater! I did NOT allow this because the point of my superpower is to make people experience real happiness and excitement through music. Paying $90 is not necessary, and I don’t want to look like a greedy entertainer. I am a superhero! So I put on a free show, also got magnificent ratings, and a crowd of 24,000! My first show ever put on is my favorite to this day out of all the shows I’ve ever done.  Also, that week I was in England, I went to a Radiohead concert and got to meet them afterwards. So since I took the time as a kid to develop my superpower, I ended up meeting my favorite band in England. My superpower has proven to be a blessing to myself and thousands of people across the planet.
          This is why when I had to choose, I chose to be a master of guitar so I could bring people happiness.  Before people say that playing guitar is not a superpower, they need to remember that I’m not a man sitting on a corner playing an instrument. Every day I wake up and cause people all over the world to be happy and at peace for some time.  If changing the attitudes of millions of people isn’t “super” or “powerful” enough, then there is no such thing as a superhero. We just all need to remember to listen to music that really means something to us; we will all be happier people.
Adam J. Wagner – Grade 10 – Washington Branch
Natural Disaster
Let’s face it. The weatherman is always wrong. And whether we want a snow day off from school or a sunny day for that dream gazebo wedding, the weather never seems to cooperate with us. But what if you could control the weather? Not only could you plan the perfect picnic for a first date, but you could also wield lots of power, especially if all of nature was added into the mix. If I possessed a superpower, I would want nature manipulation, for my own benefit and also for the greater good.
Nature manipulation is simply defined as being able to control and manipulate nature, which includes plant life, weather, and the elements. Controlling the wind speed and direction of tornados and hurricanes, making it rain however long I want, growing plants at the rate I want, gathering elements in the air for my own purposes – these are just of the implications weather manipulation will allow me. This superpower has many benefits for my own life. I can create a blizzard so school can be cancelled for a day, prevent the grass from growing and higher so I don’t have to cut it, and make it rain on someone else’s parade. For me, however, the best part of this superpower applies to my love for gardening; I could produce perfect flowers and bushes, because sometimes anti-aphid spray and trimming just isn’t enough.
Since I would be in control of all nature, I could be practically invincible; if anyone tries to kill me, I could just strike them with lightning. Instead of using my power for power’s sake though, I would use it against the world’s enemies. Blinding the enemies’ eyesight with fog so they can’t shoot straight, blowing up enemy terrorist compounds with helium bombs I create with the elements – these are just a few ways I can use my power for the greater good in an offensive fashion. Nature manipulation would not only benefit my needs, but also the much more significant needs of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people perish from natural disasters each year, and 925 million people are affected by starvation every year, with 11 million that result in the death of children ( With my superpower, I would be able to stop those hurricanes and earthquakes that kill so many and grow food for those in need.
No superpower is without limitations, however. To control nature and weather, I must be present in the location I want to manipulate. But if the world knew of someone that could halt natural disasters and feed the hungry, I don’t think it would be much of a problem to relocate me to the places in need. Everyone hopes for a hero in their life, someone who will self-sacrificially live for their benefit, and if I was a superhero I would do the same thing for myself, my friends, and the world at-large.
Morgan-Taylor Jones – Grade 10 – Mott Branch
          If I could have any power it would be the power to time travel. I think it would be really fun to time travel because of all the problems I could solve by doing so. I would be able to go to any point in time, and any part of the world.  I would have no restrictions on place and time.
          I would be able to use it at all times. The thing I wouldn’t be able to do is use it for evil personal gain. To activate my power I close my eyes and think to where it is I want to go.
          There would be a number of things I could make happen or prevent with my powers. I could stop bank robberies, murders, etc. Being able to time travel would be a fun experience to see my past generations and were I originate from.
          I would go on a lot of adventures.  The very first place I would go back to is the day I was born. I want to see the smile on my mom’s face when I first cried, or the first time she held me. Another reason I would want this power is because I want to see my great granny Sarah.  This is because I was born the year after she died, and I was born on her birthday July 4th.  Everyone told me I would’ve loved her but I just wish I had the chance to meet her, and having this power would give me the chance.
          If I could go back in time I could solve the problems of World War I and II. I would also go back to the start of the war in Afghanistan just to see the cause of it and if there was a way for the war to be resolved. I would have an abundance of different adventures.
          For many more reasons I would love to have the ability to have any super power. Out of all the powers possible to me time travel would be the best for many reasons.
HONORABLE MENTION – Grades 9-12 – ea. $25
·        Lillian King                        Grade 10       Washington Branch
·        Allison Przeslawski             Grade 11       Washington Branch
·        Alyson Stanton                 Grade 9          Maumee Branch
·        Jerome Turner-Robinson    Grade 10        Mott Branch
·        Joshua Waddle                 Grade 9           Maumee Branch
·        Matthew Wilson                Grade 10        Locke Branch

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