Toledo LGBTQ Civil Rights March 2012

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The Toledo LGBTQ Civil Rights March will be held Friday, June 1 at noon at One Government Center, 640 Jackson and will meet at the central fountain there.

Marchers will protest the neglect of Mayor Mike Bell for NOT signing the recent Ohio Mayor’s Petition for Marriage Equality, the neglect of city council of naming a LGBTQ leader to honor a street (the lack of council’s knowledge that could have named LGBTQ national leaders such as Harvey Milk), the neglect of Marcy Kaptur’s involvement in her own LGBTQ community and the lack of unity in Toledo’s own LGBTQ community, among other national and state LGBTQ issues.

The march, organized by international gay activist and Founder of Toledo Gay Pride Day, Lair Scott, claims that, “Toledo, for so many decades, could have been the pivot point in Ohio’s LGBTQ fight for Marriage Equality and other important national LGBTQ issues, but a lack of LGBTQ leadership and the lack of local government support has been a embarrassment to other Ohio cities. We hope to change that this time and allow to raise our voices to let the nation we mean business.”

Toledo, Ohio and Salt Lake City, in 1995, were the last cities to ever hold a gay rights march for equality. Public action on Toledo LGBTQ issues was not achieved again until 15 years later when Scott held another march with yet more controversy, even from it’s own LGBTQ community.

Local organizations such as PFLAG Toledo, Toledo Pride, Rainbow Area Youth (RAY) and Equality Toledo have no plans to attend the march. Equality Toledo, who claims to be in the forfront of Toledo’s LGBTQ community does not have public meetings and excepts large donations from churches and at one time, excepted funds from corperations such as Owens Corning and Toledo Trust. None of these organizations did not know that Mayor Bell did not sign the Ohio’s Mayor’s Petition for Marriage Equality. In fact, in 2010, Equality Toledo and Toledo Pride demanded that the civil rights march organized by Scott be canceled. This year’s march will not be attended by LGBTQ supporter, city councilman, Steve Steel.

For more information, contact Lair Scott at 224-221-9213

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