Call For Submissions: Toledo Digital Billboards Art Project

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Toledo is home to a growing number of digital billboards. These giant computer screens are mounted high above the streets and allow advertisers to blast their message out to thousands of potential customers or patrons on a daily basis. The content that runs on these giant screens typically loops on a regular schedule showing each ad for approximately 8 seconds.

What would happen if some of the slides in the rotation on these billboards were not intended to promote, advertise or advocate for a particular cause or product? What if some of the slides were designed simply to enhance our City’s aesthetic and cultural identity?

The Arts Commission and Toledo Detroit Outdoor Media (TDOM) are working together to explore this idea in a project called the Toledo Digital Billboard Art Project. The project will utilize two local digital billboards, which are owned by TDOM, to exhibit a series of artworks with the sole intent of beautifying the City of Toledo for 8 seconds at a time. This project is designed to add to our city’s growing reputation as a center of creativity and culture, and to remind viewers that Toledo is a vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work.

The Arts Commission is seeking submissions of original artwork for the Toledo Digital Billboards Art Project. Any local artist or team of artists working in any medium or discipline may submit up to 3 artworks for consideration for this project. Artworks must be submitted digitally. See Call for Submission prospectus for further details on how to submit. All submissions must be received by August 31st.

Download the Full Prospectus from the Call For Artist section of The Arts Commission’s website (www.acgt.org) or contact Dan Hernandez at dhernandez@acgt.org (or at 419-254-2787) for additional details.

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