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The Arts Commission is pleased to announce that the 2012 Young Artists At Work (YAAW) Program is currently underway. Our organization is very thankful to hold our program in the University of Toledo’s Center for Visual Arts facility, located in the Frank Gehry Building attached to the Toledo Museum of Art, again for a third year. Names and schools of this year’s YAAW apprentices are included at the end of the release.

Since 1994, ACGT has presented the award winning Young Artists at Work (YAAW) program. This six-week summer employment opportunity enables diverse and at-risk youth to benefit from an intense exposure to the arts. Student apprentices between the ages of 14 and 18 were selected in a competitive process for 6 weeks of summer employment as working artists. The objective of YAAW is to provide an intensive arts experience that fosters artistic self-expression and a quality work ethic that can impact the youth throughout adulthood. The program encourages expression, refinement, cross-cultural sharing, and the exchange of ideas. The opportunity provides exposure to the concept of art as a business, as well as the creation of public art for the greater Toledo community.

The apprentices in this year’s program include 42 students representing more than 21 area high schools, including private, parochial, charter, and public schools. The 2012 YAAW apprentices will work on a number of projects this summer under the mentorship of talented local artists and art educators.

One of the larger and more community-oriented projects includes the painting of community mural for Toledo Area Ministries. The Toledo Area Ministry mural will be installed on the highly visible wall of their building at 3043 Monroe Street near the Fifth Third Bank Branch.

This mural is designed to have a peaceful , welcoming feel. Inspiring hope and comfort to the neighboring community is one of the main goals. This mural is made possible by Lucas County Job and Family Services and the input and passion of the staff of Toledo Area Ministries.

The public is also invited to join us for the YAAW Open House on Wednesday, August 1, 5-7pm at the YAAW Worksite (UT’s Center for the Visual Arts, 620 Grove Place) to celebrate the creative accomplishments of the apprentices with brief remarks, artwork for sale and light refreshments.

Courtney Fillion, Instructor, is mentoring the apprentices to achieve at their highest ability. When describing the mural she said, “The client’s objective was for the mural to inspire hope within the community and ignite the youth to rise above their challenges and help rebuild the community”.

YAAW Apprentice Mary Jorgensen, described the project as something that would “represent peace, and be a safe area. The client asked for a ‘place of shalom’”. With this path in mind the students began designing something that would meet the clients needs while also using their own ideas. Mary’s favorite part of the process so far has been “collaboration – coming together to figure out what the community needs and fulfill it in the way we see it”. When asked what she would like the community to gain from this piece of art, Mary said, “I want people to look at it and interpret it in a way that is inspiring. I want them to get something positive out of it”.

YAAW Apprentice Jacob Byers, said the mural is going to show a “diversity between ages and race”. Giving back to the community with public art is a large part of the YAAW program. Jacob’s personal goal for the piece is that “Everybody can see Toledo isn’t a horrible place – people can see what young artists can do”.

The press is invited to tour the 2012 YAAW site during the last remaining week of the program. The last date the program will be open for visits is Thursday, August 2, 2012. To schedule an interview or tour, please contact Michelle Carlson at 419-254-ARTS (2787) or via email, at mcarlson@acgt.org.

This year’s apprentices are:

Nick Adams-Arman (Ottawa Hills High School), Kelly Barfield (Ottawa Hills High School), Kyle Burton (Woodward High School), Myles Burton (Horizon Science Academy), Jacob Byers (Waite High School), Andrew Coutts (Sylvania Southview High School), Marina Craton (ECOT), Ara Eckman (Waite High School), Krystel Griffith (Waite High School), Bianca Iannarino (Start High School), Shane Jackson (Eagle Academy), Dan Jones (Woodward High School), Tianna Jones (Owens Community College), Mary Jorgenson (Notre Dame Academy), Scotty Joshua (Rogers High School), Treva Mathis (Phoenix Academy), Patricia Mayes (Woodward High School), Mackenzie Michalak (Whitmer High School), Jordan Moon (Waite High School), Adriana Nortiz (Sylvania Southview High School), Shawnta Pearson (Whitmer High School), Andrew Piercefield (Toledo School for the Arts), Allison Rearick (Bowsher High School), Ian Richardson (Toledo School for the Arts), Khalia Riley (GED), Chelsea Roberts (Whitmer High School), Alma Sandoval Hernandez (Waite High School), Christopher Sheehan (St. Francis de Sales High School), Reegan Street (Sylvania Northview High School), Maranda Stricklen (Phoenix Academy), Kyle Tansel (Owens Community College), Devon Toska (Summit Academy), Adrian Traynum II (St. Francis de Sales High School), Anastasia Wagner (Sylvania Northview High School), Ryan Wiggins (Whitmer High School), Justyn Wilkes (Sylvania Northview High School), Ettel Williams (Waite High School), Mykal Williams (Summit Academy), Ray’chel Wilson (Notre Dame Academy), Hannah Yeager (Toledo Christian High School), Paul Young (Summit Academy), Tamara Young (Toledo School for the Arts)

Program support for the 2012 YAAW program is provided by:

Architectural Artifacts, Collingwood Arts Center, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Lucas County Job and Family Services, Lucas County Summer Youth Employment Program, Ohio Arts Council, Toledo Community Foundation, University of Toledo Art Department

Ms. Julie Beckert, Bill and Sara Jane DeHoff, Mr. Dave Gierke, Sharon A. Kerstetter, Dr. and Mrs. Garth Phibbs, Meg and Dick Ressner, Margy and Scott Trumbull, Jim Moore and Tim Valko, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Wolfe, Dr. and Mrs. Robert A Zimmerman, Mr. Edward Zraik

To learn more about the YAAW program, please visit www.theartscommission.org.

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