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Are you planning a private party or wedding?
Is it time to decide on your entertainment?
Well look no further.
Here are the Top 5 reasons you should
choose “Book That DJ” for your event.

5. Our Positivity.

There are plenty of qualified and quality DJs in the industry. Here at we won’t tell you reasons why not to book with someone else, we give you reasons why you should book with us. We believe that any time spent pointing out flaws in other service professionals is a waste of time that could be spent telling you what we can do for you and your event.

4. Our name says it all.

The title Book That DJ was chosen by our Top DJ, Jason Kelley. He said it was because of two reasons: 1. Anyone can play music, but not everyone can be a DJ; and 2. When you want a DJ, you “Book That DJ”. We believe in developing relationships with our clients. Whatever DJ you choose to book will be your DJ at your event. You won’t arrive at your event and meet your DJ, you’ll already know him.

3. Our Planning Process.

Once you place your deposit to save the date with Book That DJ, the process begins. We give you a “DJ Planner” for you to fill in the blanks. This lets us know who is in your wedding party, who the parents are, and what songs you want us to play. Once you have a majority of the planner filled in, we meet with you again to go over it in detail. We confirm name pronunciation, so we aren’t messing up during announcements. We also play your important songs for you, in order to confirm the correct version and title. A few weeks before your event, we will meet with you again and go over the timeline, make suggestions, and confirm any special requests. There are many more details about our planning process that we only disclose with our clients. That way our ideas and service stays original.

2. Our Experience

At we specialize in Weddings. However, before we entered the wedding industry we spent several years in the club and bar scene. The experience we gained in the bars and clubs make us very versatile DJ’s. We are able to “read the crowd”, play new music, play requests appropriately, and keep the party going. It is the primary responsibility of a DJ to keep people dancing and having fun. We enjoy playing the “typical” wedding songs, but have the ability to play a wide variety of music based on your personal preferences.

And the Number One Reason why you should “Book That DJ”!

1. Personality

If you wanted just music, you would simply turn on a radio or rent a jukebox. Our DJs are fun, have a great microphone presence, and interact with the crowd often. We are confident and charismatic. We don’t just say the announcements and introductions, we “make” the announcements and introductions fun. Most of all we are professional and tactful. We know how to respectfully communicate with guests that may be abrasive or inebriated. As we stated in #4, anyone can play music but not everyone can be a DJ.

If you or someone you know is planning an event, please direct them to Thank you all for reading and we hope you have gained something from this.

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