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You worked hard for this day; you should be able to enjoy it!

On your special day you can’t leave anything to chance. “The DJ can make or break a wedding”. If that is the case, I always suggest to stay away from the idea of having a friend or relative DJ your wedding, and try to avoid working with a company who would “assign” you your Wedding DJ. You may be in for a complete disaster.

If you are planning or have planned a wedding, at this point you know that there are many, many wedding DJs and wedding DJ companies out there. Some of the bigger companies out there like to book clients for weddings and then assign one of their roster DJs to work the gig. For the owner it is an efficient way to book the DJs with open dates, but is it really the best way to hire a DJ for your wedding?

I am not saying you can’t get a great DJ from a major DJ company with a host of DJs on the roster. I’m saying that you should be aware that in many cases the DJ company chooses who will work instead of the client. If you choose to go with a larger DJ company, make sure you get to know your wedding DJ right away and ask a lot of questions before you sign a contract. The program or package may sound like it will work perfectly for your special day, but keep in account that it will still be up to a person to deliver top notch service. He or she could be dressed well, know what music you want, but just not be the right wedding DJ for you. Reading the words to a beautiful song is different than hearing it sung by a professional. Your actual DJ should showcase their skills for you ahead of time.

As the owner/DJ of, I enjoy the luxury of complete DJ quality control. When I meet with a client, they know they are getting me. If I am already booked for the date they are planning for, I tell them up front that I will not be able to be their DJ. At that point, I either suggest another DJ that I know will provide excellent service, and I give them advice to help them with their search.

Before a Wedding DJ from Book That DJ (which would be myself) plays the first song, they ask questions, and do lots of listening. When our Wedding DJs meet with a future bride and groom, they like to get an idea of what they are all about. Get to know their likes, and more importantly their dislikes. The good Wedding DJ has them paint a mental picture of what they imagine their wedding day to be like, so that the DJ can do their part in making that vision come true.

As the DJ, I coordinate all of the formalities, develops a time-line (agenda) with the couple and around their courses at their reception and is as much of a resource to them as possible.
– A Great Wedding DJ

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