When to Cut your Wedding Cake

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Weddings are filled with many different traditions and rituals.

Cutting the wedding cake is certainly among the most significant acts that the married couple will do at the wedding reception. It is a moment that symbolizes so many things including the couple’s fertility, the first act performed together and the beginning of their new life. It is a sentimental moment that is also very festive.

Cutting the cake can be a clean, classy moment or a messy, goofy one, depending on your preference. Many couples these days end up smearing the cake into each others faces and have fun with it. The older generation seems to think this act is distasteful and not very elegant. When it boils down to it, if the bride and groom wants to have fun with their wedding cake, no one can tell them otherwise.

Which brings me to the reason for this Wedding Secrets article.
When to cut the wedding cake?

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