Toledo School for the Arts Staff Presents The Birth Of Cool

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Are you way out enough to handle a night of hand drums, Ginsberg poetry, Zodiac Lounge tarot readings, tilted berets, jazz trio grooves, go-go dancing and Exploding Plastic Inevitables? We thought so!

The staff of Toledo School for the Arts will present The Birth of Cool on Friday November 16th at 7pm. The event will be held at The Secor, with staff feeling deja vu as the site at 425 Jefferson was TSA’s original school building prior to the 14th Street move in 2004. The Birth of Cool will be TSA’s 12th annual Ten Grand event as this yearly reverse raffle joins The Secor going down in TSA’s history.

With the 200 original $100 raffle tickets already sold out , TSA is now offering $35 tickets for individuals wanting to get in on the beatnik scene. The lower price guarantees one entry with all the food, fun and entertainment but does not provide a reverse raffle number. Attendees are invited to don beat attire.

Registry Bistro will serve up their signature fine fare in cool new ways to offer heavy grazing, and attendees experiencing late night hunger pangs post-dancing can patronize the “Nighthawk Café” for coffee and pie.

Justin Longacre, TSA Creative Writing Advisor, Humanities Instructor and resident hipster explains exactly how cool came to be reinvented; “This year, we want to examine the birth of American notions of ‘cool’ through the exuberance and contradictions of mid-century modernism. We want to present an evening in which Frank Sinatra and Allen Ginsburg meet in the Nighthawk’s Diner over pie and coffee; in which Andy Warhol and John Coletrane riff over cocktails at the Copa; in which Mark Rothko and Audrey Hepburn dance the twist in a smoke-redolent loft shindig; in which Salinger and Dylan eye each other suspiciously over a back-alley crap shoot.”

The Birth of Cool is sponsored by Heartland and The Toledo Blade.

Join the grooviest scene in town by purchasing tickets at or calling 419.246.8732×217. All proceeds benefit Toledo School for the Arts.

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