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How I Became a Pirate – 1/25 at 10 a.m. & 12:15 p.m., 1/26 at 2 p.m. (Valentine Theatre)
Shiver me timbers! Jeremy Jacobs’ talent for building sand castles and digging moats has earned him an invitation to join the crew of Braid Beard’s ship. Living the high life at sea, Jeremy trades manner for mayhem as he rolls in stolen treasure, sings sea chanteys and practices pirate talk with all his new pirate friends. It’s a grand adventure—until Jeremy remembers all the things he left behind. Who will provide bedtime stories and goodnight kisses? And what about tomorrow’s soccer practice? Based on the bestseller by Melinda Long, this colorful musical adventure explores the adventuresome spirit of children as well as the importance of their everyday lives and routines.

Alexander and the…Very Bad Day – 2/22, 10 a.m. & 12:15 p.m. (Franciscan Center)?Alexander isn’t having just a bad day—in fact, this is a terrible, horrible, no good day! In this delightful adaptation of Judith Viorst’s popular children’s series, the rather exasperating life of one of America’s feistiest characters is set to music. Alexander deals with a best friend who decides not to be a friend any more, as well as with cavities, lima beans and even kissing on TV. His struggles with life’s daily dramas entertain and educate young audiences, who readily identify with Alexander and the obstacles he encounters as they struggle to cope with their own very bad days.

The Civil War – 2/25, 10 a.m. (Valentine Theatre)?This moving production focuses on the smaller, personal stories of several soldiers, from the North and the South, whose lives are changed forever by the Civil War. Zak is a runaway slave who demands the right to fight his own fight; Will is Zak’s former best friend and “master”; Johnny is an Irish immigrant who volunteers to defend his new home in America; and Jackie is a daring girl who serves as a “drummer boy.” Featuring traditional songs of the era, The Civil War illuminates the humanity and sacrifices of those who fought in the war and the many who died as a result of the conflict.

My Heart in a Suitcase – 3/6, 10 a.m. & 12:15 p.m. (Franciscan Center)?Theater Vision audiences have provided consistently positive reviews of this gripping dramatic tribute to the strength of the human spirit. My Heart in a Suitcase was adapted from Anne Lehman Fox’s autobiographical account of her experience as one of 10,000 Jewish children who escaped from Nazi Germany via the Kindertransport. With particular emphasis on the moving story of Anne’s small but devoted family, this moving play chronicles the tragic events that force Anne to flee, alone, to England, where she faces an uncertain future, separated forever from her loved ones.

Martha Speaks – 3/8, 10 a.m. (Valentine Theatre)?Martha was an ordinary dog until the day she ate a bowl of alphabet soup and something unusual happened. All those letters went up to Martha’s brain instead of down to her stomach and she became—literally—outspoken. Life with a really smart talking dog can be fun. When Martha correctly answers a trivia question on a radio show, she wins a free family vacation, but the problem is that “no dogs are allowed”. Find out how Martha uses words to save the day in this doggone funny new musical based on the Martha series of books by Susan Meddaugh.

Since its inception in 1984, Lourdes University’s Theater Vision program has provided curriculum-based theater arts education to more than half a million students throughout the region. Each season, more than two dozen performances are presented by professional touring companies who specialize in children’s theater. Through a new partnership with the historic Valentine Theatre in Toledo, OH, Theater Vision will present its Season 28 productions at both the Valentine and Franciscan Center of Lourdes University. Visit Theater Vision online at HYPERLINK “” For additional information or to purchase tickets, please call 419-824-3986.

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