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New York, 22nd January, 2013: The California Subject Examination for Teachers is a test developed by the California Council on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Passing this test is an essential requirement for becoming an elementary school or special education teacher in California. Administered by the National Evaluation System Inc, the CSET consists of three subsets. Candidates must do ample practice exam questions and go through authentic study guides in order to pass the stringent CSET.

Get ready for the CSET

Each subset of the test has a combination of Multiple Choice Questions and Constructed-Response Queries. With such a test structure, candidates are judged upon their knowledge of facts and the extent of their vocabulary, apart from their ability to communicate thisknowledge. Preparation for the CSET should focus acutely on passing the three subtests.

CSET prep classes will train candidates according to the test structure. The first and second Subtests of the CSET have 52 MCQ’s and 4 constructed-response questions. While CSET prep for Subtest 1enhances the candidate’s knowledge of Reading, Language, Literature, History and Social Sciences, CSET math prep can come handy for the Subtest 2 which focuses on Science and Math.

Since Subtest 3 has a slightly different structure, CSET test prep for this section will also vary. With 39 MCQ’s and 3 constructed-response questions on Physical Education, Human Development and Visual and Performing Arts, the third Subtest can be passed with clear, concise and well-presented answers, even if the candidate’s knowledge of this realm is limited.
The raw scores of each subtest are aggregated according to their weighting and are scaled down to a score out of a total of 300. Candidates that pass the CSET must receive more than 220 points out of 300, along with a minimum passing score in each of the three subtests.

Pass the CSET

Holding a California Teacher Credentialfor a Single Subject allows the future teacher to teach one specific subject in a class. This is useful for middle and secondary school teachers who aim to teach from grades 7 to 12. Teachers of elementary school, from grade K to 6, need to hold a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in order to teach all subjects in the class.

Given the wide array of assessed areas in the test, a candidate’s prep for the CSET must cover an expansive range of subjects. Without diligence and focused practice, it is often deemed next to impossible for a candidate to pass this test. Therefore, CSET exam preparation must be done from a renowned and experienced coaching centre that has top-notch faculty and clever teaching methods.

About the Company

Test Score Breakthrough at http://www.teachingsolutions.org/cset.htmlhas helped over 31,000 candidates pass teacher certification tests and become successful educators in the US. Laying great emphasis on excellence, Test Score Breakthrough provides the ultimate success concoction for its students in the form of up-to-scratch CSET preparation without overburdening candidates with unnecessary information. To know more about Test Score Breakthrough and its CSET prep classes, visit the website http://www.teachingsolutions.org/cset/cset-prep.html or get in touch via the contact details below.

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