Buying Used Office Furniture: Why it’s a Great Idea!

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Be like Bob Seger: Did you know that Bob Segar started out with used equipment in a garage band? Hey, he and the Silver Bullet Band are still around, so that means if you follow in his footsteps, you’ll be crankin’ out great office tunes and enjoying your broken-in tools of the trade, as well.

He’s coming back to town February 27th and March 1. Take some of the money you’ll save on furniture and treat the office staff to his concert!

Buying used office furniture is probably one of the smartest financial moves a business can make. Office furniture does not get a lot of hard wear-and-tear, and a lot of it is virtually indestructible. As a result, the vast majority of used office furniture is in excellent condition, and it is priced at a fraction of the cost of the new version.

From conference tables to reception area to workstations and cubicles, refurbished furniture is the way to go. Saving money is the best reason to buy used, but there are many other considerations, as well, including the following.

Your employees will love you and their new digs: Go on. Just TRY to get your employees to go home when they get some perfectly broken-in “new” furniture. They won’t want to leave. Their productivity will go through the roof. And your business will skyrocket.

Who can tell the difference? Unless the furniture has been purchased from the 1962 offices of Sear and Roebuck, it will be nearly impossible to even tell the difference. Most office furniture is built to withstand decades of use, and it is gentle use, at that.

You’ve got better things to do! Toledo has so many great, fun events. It’s Free Day at Toledo Zoo soon, so don’t spend your Saturday at the office putting together furniture. Go enjoy time with friends and family! Check out the many Upcoming Events in Toledo including:

* Chocolate Soirée
* Glass City Beer Fest
* Opening Day for the MudHens
* Toledo Sister Cities International Festival

Many of the used office furniture dealers will come into your office to help you to assess your needs and come up with a great layout and design for your space. Let them in the front door and do their thing while you get back to work or go have some fun.

The furniture will arrive all put together and assembled, and that alleviates lots of lost-time spent of shopping for furniture and having to deal with the nightmare of putting together the 7,397 parts that pour out of the box if you decide to go the other frugal way.

Green: You’re not just saving green bucks; you’ll also be doing your part for saving the environment. A walk through any warehouse of used furniture quickly reveals that there is a lot of it. It is no secret that the last few years have seen a lot of businesses close their doors. The economy is getting better by the day, but all of those businesses had furniture that they had to sell, and you can be the benefactor.

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about the economy, travel, and ways to be a smart-spender.

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