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On Friday June the 14th from 6:30- 10 p.m., The PRIZM, “Art-A-Fair Exhibition” currently on display at the Lobby of the Fifth-Third Building at One Seagate (550 N. Summit St.) will be the location of a FREE and open to public Kick-off Party for “Inspiration STAYCATION,” PRIZM’s annual summer retreat of Fieldtrips and Classes for those in town this summer. The PRIZM program this summer will emphasize Creativity as part of a Healthy Lifestyle, and classes and fieldtrips will be held on location at area businesses that support the Healthy lifestyles theme. Each learning experience will help participants learn more about area programs and resources.

In keeping with the ”Healthy Lifestyles” theme, from 7-8 p.m. the kickoff-party event will feature a PechaKucha Night with Business Networking in the auditorium at the Fifth-Third Center just off the lobby area. This will be the 5th installment of PechaKucha Night in the Toledo area, where (PKN) presenters are allowed 20 slides at 20 seconds each to share Precise Presentations informing the public of innovative programing and area resources. Attendees will learn about the services of area organizations and businesses who sponsor services such as Creativity, Nutrition, Exercise, Intellectual Stimulation, Life Coaching, Personal Care, and Business, Technology, and Social Networking solutions.

Of special interest at the PKN presentations, will be the chance to hear from two new Executive Directors in the Toledo area, whose organizations support individuals in their quest for successful and healthy lives. Sara Swisher, Executive Director of EPIC Toledo (which stands for Engaging People, Inspiring Change) will talk about how the organization engages with the community, and is helping to build tomorrow’s leaders. Alicia Kuehl Wagner of WEN (Woman’s Entrepreneurial Network) will talk about the importance of building relationships and how the result can bolster friendships and build business success. A sampling of other interesting presentations will be Kris Johnson and Lisa Boley from the Toledo Whole Food Nutrition Meetup, and the area chapter of The Weston Price Foundation. They will speak about area resources for nutrition and health and how to find Nutrient dense local foods to enhance one’s lifestyle. Christine Humphrey of Ukazoo Books, will share cost effective ways for intellectual stimulation, scholarly study, or recreational fun. Bombshell Salon and Spa will share ideas for services geared to pamper and relax those seeking personal care or a refreshing get away. PRIZM Creative Community will share how Creativity can reduce stress, increase joy and health, and enhance your everyday environment. Come prepared to enjoy these and MORE informative presentations on engaging topics!

After the presentations, attendees can exchange business cards, sign up for services and classes, and enjoy new and old friends as they enjoy PRIZM’s annual “Art-A-Fair Exhibition” which contains over 200 pieces of ART by local artists and authors. (The Art Exhibition will be available for viewing through Wednesday June the 26th.) The event will also feature appetizers and live Jazz by the Josh Silver Trio from 8-10 p.m.

PechaKucha night in the Toledo area began in March of 2012 as an initiative by Kimberly Adams for creative types, to share ideas, stories, inspirations and passions. PechaKucha nights now occur in more than 500 cities all over the world in many different topics, and was created to format precise and meaningful presentations. As the sponsor for the 5th PechaKucha installment, PRIZM introduced the healthy lifestyles theme to facilitate discussion, and focus on potential community collaborations benefiting individuals and organizations within the community. All area business networking groups are invited to attend and make this FREE and open to the public event an opportunity for collaboration. For more information on the format, presentations, or to schedule a featured presentation contact Annette @ 419-931-8732 or Kimberly @ 813-480-3810 for more information.

PRIZM Creative Community is a well loved, 501 (c ) (3.) Non-profit, artist’s refuge for those who wish to enhance their lives by participating in events, activities and educational opportunities devoted to the arts and art culture. If you wish to donate or to find out more opportunities visit our website at www.MyPrizm.com. Support for this event comes in part from PRIZM general funds, The Ohio Arts Council, The Toledo Community Foundation, The Blade, and Rehmann Corporation.

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