Orbital Transport Begins Training At Davis-Besse

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Orbital Transport Staff Begin Training At Davis-Besse

Preparations are underway at Orbital Transport for a monumental project that will begin in January of 2014. As a part of the regular refueling at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power plant, there is a new construction project underway to improve and replace the existing steam generators. For this project there will be an estimated total of 3,000 people on site from many different local and national companies. The construction will run 24 hours a day, for 90 days. Orbital will staff a 20’ container lifter on site 24/7 throughout the duration of the project to manage and perform the logistics of transporting hundreds of 20’ shipping containers filled with parts, tools and supplies for the project.

There is great care and attention to detail while working at Davis-Besse. To obtain their individual security clearance, Orbital Transport staff assigned to the project must undergo mandatory background screenings, extensive drug testing and then finally an in-depth safety training program. The safety training concludes with supervised testing which requires an 80% or higher grade to pass, with only one retest opportunity allowed. We are proud that every Orbital Transport employee assigned to this project has successfully passed through the meticulous screening and testing process.

A combination of Orbital Transport’s trusted reputation, skillful team, unique problem solving capabilities and innovative equipment is what attracted Davis-Besse project management. The jobsite poses many demanding challenges and requires precision handling of equipment as it is moved in and out of the controlled area and the radiation area.

Orbital Transport is honored to have gained the confidence of the Davis-Besse project team to play such a vital role showcasing our unique jobsite container lifting and mobilization capabilities.

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