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January 27th, 2014


TOLEDO, OH- “Borderline absurd” is the shorthand description of TSA’s upcoming theatre production “Reckless,” as given by co-director and teacher Juliette Quinlan. The show synopsis isn’t the only thing bordering on bonkers. Students and staff of Toledo School for the Arts have overcome absolutely absurd weather, several resulting missed school days and rehearsals, a final exam activities moratorium and a bevy of other scheduling challenges to rehearse for the show. At a school claiming “Francis Bacon, the Flying Pig” as mascot, it is no surprise this cast plans to overcome obstacles and produce the play as scheduled, February 6th through the 9th at The Toledo Rep’s 10th Street Theater.

The official plot synopsis states, “It is Christmas Eve and Rachel is informed by her husband that he has hired a hitman to kill her… She flees… and begins a series of picturesque escapades involving numerous psychiatrists and, eventually, an ill-fated reunion with her husband.” A challenging show to take on in the first place, due to an incredibly fast-paced script and scene changes per hour begging a posted speed limit, TSA added not one but two casts to the mix. “We decided on two casts for a number of reasons. First, we have an exceptionally high number of talented students and after doing a very small cast show last year we really wanted to expand the number of opportunities this year. After callbacks it was clear that understudies work just as hard and thus be as deserving of the performance time. It was very easy to cast this show twice,” explained Quinlan. (Cast A to perform Thursday and Saturday, Cast B on Friday and Sunday. Both casts listed on page following release.)

TSA tackled the extreme number and frequency of set changes by utilizing projections onto an all-white set. Quinlan called on co-director Rob Koenig (board member and parent to TSA graduate) and Jim Hill (UT Emeritus Professor of Theatre) to aid in this task. Koenig noted, “Some of the scenes are less than one page of the script, which means that if Reckless was produced in the traditional way a scene change might be longer than the actual scene. We are a society very accustomed to seeing, not just hearing, and a great way to establish a location quickly is with pictures, or projections, so that seemed like an obvious solution. Additionally, TV clips are present in the script and we chose to film our own student actors recreating clips for projection.”

The cast of “Reckless” includes a paraplegic, deaf character (Pootie). With accuracy and sensitivity as high priorities in Quinlan’s productions, staff requested assistance from The Ability Center and BGSU’s Allison Wesson and Kelley Wyse. The co-director explained, “The script dictates a fair amount of sign language. Working with Allison and Kelley was amazing because they taught more than just sign- facial expressions and etiquette could have been overlooked without their assistance.”

In closing our discussion on the show, Quinlan reminds us, “Reckless has always been about the things you can’t run from in your life. In its quirky, unrealistic way, it’s all about facing reality.”

A dose of reality, or ticket, runs just $14 for adults and $8 for students and seniors, available by calling our Box Office at 419-246-8732×226. The show runs at 7pm on Thursday 2/6, Friday 2/7 and Saturday 2/8. The Sunday 2/9 production begins at 2pm. All dates are produced in Toledo Repertoire’s 10th Street Theater (16 10th Street, Toledo, Ohio). The show is generously sponsored by RJ Lloyd & Company, Ltd.

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