A Symposium for The Boomer Generation

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Sunset House and the Boomer Resource Network have gathered a panel of experts for a symposium on Saturday, March 8 from 10 am to noon to talk about issues that today’s boomers are struggling with (either for themselves or a loved one;) Topics include: dementia, finances, medical, hospice, legal, on-line, digital, and more.

This event is free and open to the public. Speakers include:

Diana Waugh, RN – Certified Dementia Consultant
Through the Eyes of Our Elders – A humorous and thoughtful look at caring for a loved one with dementia.

Christopher Cremean, LSW – Senior Services Expert
Facing Change – Tools to make an informed decision about life’s changes including financial, medical, legal, housing and more.

Phillip Wylkan, Attorney – Certified Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney
Digital Assets – Be tech savvy in the digital age. Tips and techniques for keeping safe and up-to-date on-line.

Saundra Duhart – Community Outreach Liaison, Ashanti Hospice
Melting the Hospice Myth – Forget what you thought you knew about hospice care! Fresh insight into the ways hospice can help you or someone you love.

After the presentation, a panel discussion and Q & A session will follow. (Time for one-on-one private discussions will be allotted as well.)

SUNSET HOUSE IS LOCATED AT 4020 INDIAN ROAD, TOLEDO, OH 43606. Call 419/724-1225, ext. 2305 if you’d like more information or to reserve a spot.

About Sunset House
Sunset House is a part of Sunset Retirement Communities – a non-profit retirement community providing a full continuum of assistance and care to residents of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for over 140 years.

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