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ICOtec, a division of ICO Products, LLC of Holland, OH has announced a recent deal to sell their hunting products in the national retailer Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain has over one hundred and seventy retail locations across the country. ICOtec products have been available in some 200 Dunham’s Sports retail locations for nearly a year.

ICOtec currently has a “Best Seller” status on Amazon.com, Walmart.com and is gaining in popularity on sites like Sportsmansguide.com, MidwayUSA, MidwayUK, Shopdeerhunting.com, F&TPost.com and many others.

Products designed, manufactured and sold by ICOtec include four models of a remote controlled electronic game call intended to attract predator and big game animals. ICOtec has a world renowned reputation of precision, quality, ease of use and tremendous results as well as the most affordable prices in the market.

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