Toledo Police Museum Features Local Authors and Book Signing

Posted Apr 24th, 2014 by Lou Hebert  Category: Arts & Entertainment


The Toledo Police Museum is open this Saturday from 10-4pm offering visitors a chance to step back in time to learn about the Toledo Police Department’s storied past and the dedicated men and women who have made it happen. At the museum, you’ll find treasures from the history of the department including some guns that were used in notorious past crimes, an old paddy wagon, a Toledo police motorcycle, plenty of badges, uniforms, an old jail cell you can try out, and a special memorial to those Toledo officers who have died in the line of duty. The museum is a great way to learn the story of how the 148-year department evolved over the years and grew with the city of Toledo. Admission is FREE.

This Saturday, April 26th, a special book signing event takes place as local authors Lou Hebert and Terry Schaffer sign their popular local history books for visitors to the museum. Lou will have copies of his newly published book, “Day by Day in Toledo” , while Terry Shaffer will be there to sign copies of his exciting book on the history of Toledo’s underworld gambling dens, ” Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo”. The book signing takes place from 1-4pm, Saturday April 26th.

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Lou Hebert - Toledo Police Museum | 2201 Kenwood Blvd. | Toledo, OH 43606

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