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We are pleased to announce that The Animal Behavior Center, LLC. is having its 1st Annual Animal Behavior, Training and Health Seminar event in Sylvania, OH on July 12th & July 13th,
.After just one fantastic year of unparalleled success, we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities to educate the public on positive behavior modification, training and health. This inaugural event, you will see an array of different animal species products, nutrition, education, training and services from different experts around the country. Unique animals will be on site. Owner, Lara Joseph, professional animal trainer, behavior consultant, lecturer and writer will educate on understanding behavior; the science of behavior and its application towards behavior issues & training animals. She will also present on empowering and training the flighted and un-flighted birds in our care. You will learn dog training and behavior myths and misconceptions presented by Vicki Ronchette, CPDT, CAP2. Vicki is a professional dog trainer, behavior consultant and author from the Bay area in California. She will be providing private dog consultations as time permits. Jason Crean, MA, MS from Chicago will present the benefits of tea in animal husbandry and the importance and answers for raw whole food nutrition for our pets. He will also present on the evolution of flight. Jason travels and consults with zoos across the United States analyzing animal habitats, health, and options for providing whole foods. Jack Grogan, CN, Chief Science Officer for Uckele Nutrition will speak on how to optimize health and longevity in our animals through appropriate nutrition. Jack is well known in the tri-state area and provides nutritional expertise to many animal owners, including equine health. Also speaking will be local Avian doctor, Susan Orosz, Ph/D, DVM, Dipi ABVP, Dipl EXZM; presenting on the miracle of flight, migration, and the wonders of birds from all aspects.
With our brand new facility, The Animal Behavior Center, LLC will be charging forward with our mission of worldwide education on understanding behavior and training through positive reinforcement and Applied Behavior Analysis. The Animal Behavior Center’s 1st Annual Animal Behavior, Training and Health Seminar is expected to attract not only local but worldwide attention.
We look forward to this event to continue to grow and become a successful educational opportunity to animal lovers worldwide. Owner, Lara Joseph, along with all our volunteers have kicked into high gear and are committed to making this event one that will be the most anticipated annual event in our area drawing attendees from all over the world.
For more information or to sign up to attend this event, please visit or call 419-360-1234.
We look forward to seeing you at The Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, OH!

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