Petition for UT to Cancel Karl Rove Lecture in Toledo

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TOLEDO, OH — The University of Toledo Honors Lecture Series is scheduled to host Karl Rove on September 15. A petition is circulating Toledo for the university to call off the lecture due to:
1. Rove’s controversial political history that has involved blatant misrepresentations of information resulting in dishonest public manipulation, oppression of civil rights, fraud, and suspected criminal activity;
2. The fact that Rove is not a college graduate or involved in academia in any way and has no justifiable reason to be a featured lecturer for an Honors College at an esteemed university;
3. that Rove’s appearance will sully the high academic standards set by the University of Toledo as a storied institution and cultural leader in NW Ohio;
4. that the University of Toledo sets a poor example of expectation and moral and ethical rightness by validating Rove’s long history of immoral and unethical behavior, setting a poor example for students and the community alike;
5. that Rove’s appearance does not meet the intellectual standards set by previous guest lecturers and undermines a long history of celebrated figures, as detailed below:

Karl Rove is joining the likes of these past distinguished Edward Shapiro and Jessup Scott Honors speakers which include the following activists, artists, Nobel Prize winners, Holocaust survivors, writers, humanitarians:

– Sal Kahn — Khan Academy-providing free math education for anyone, anywhere

– Toni Morrison — Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon, etc.

– Eli Wiesel — Holocaust Survivor, Nobel Peace Prize winner, author of Night

– Robert Kennedy Jr. — environmental activist

– Wynton Marsalis — Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winning musician and community activist

The people of Toledo deserve and demand better of their primary higher education institution. The petition reads:

This is not about political difference or political affiliation. Karl Rove is a moral and ethical disgrace to the American political process and to the decency of the American people. We demand that the University of Toledo cancel the scheduled appearance of Karl Rove as part of their Honors Lecture Series on September 15, 2014. In short, the people of Toledo deserve better.

Whereas Karl Rove’s career is frought with criminally questionable acts, deceit, manipulation, and a skewed immoral agenda that has negatively impacted common decency and the civil rights of inummerable Americans, not to mention those around the world; and whereas Karl Rove’s policies and practices have lead the nation into illegal wars resultung in near countless deaths, wreaked havoc on American foreign policy, manipulated the democratic process to foster a culture of exclusion; and whereas Karl Rove’s extreme agenda works to undermine the democratic process in favor of cronyism and financial undermining of the voice of the American People — we demand that the University of Toledo Honors College cancel its invitation to Karl Rove to speak in Toledo as his moral character does not meet the university’s standards of excellence and undermines its reputation as a academic institution.

The University’s validation of Karl Rove’s policies and practices sets a poor example for students and the community alike of the kind of ethical and moral standards we expect from one of our city’s most vital cultural leaders. Whatever the cost, the expense of tuition and/or public funds for Karl Rove’s visit are unjustifiable and irresponsible.

Please join us in sending a message to the University of Toledo and University of Toledo Honors College that we expect and will hold the institution to the highest standards and will not tolerate the fostering of such morally and ethically bankrupt guests as Karl Rove. Toledo deserves better and we demand better. Cancel this lecture NOW.

Those interested in joining the call to cancel the event may sign the petition at

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