Development of Chessie Circle Bike Trail

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A project scheduled to begin this year entitled “Chessie Circle North – Phase 1” will begin the process of transforming a former railroad corridor into a major multi-use bike trail. Scheduled improvements will occur within the section of the corridor between Tremainsville Road at Bowman Park and Monroe Street. The project will grade the existing railroad bed and place a compacted stone surface that will be 17’ wide for a distance of 1.87 miles. This interim step will provide a safe and maintainable walking surface that will be used as a base for pavement later. Other miscellaneous improvements include; safety railing, bollards, minor drainage improvements and side walk replacement, cross walk striping and crossing signage as necessary where the path crosses city streets. Coupled with a new pedestrian/ bike bridge over I-475 that was completed by ODOT this summer, this project will improve access for users, maintenance operations and it will introduce the public to this new recreation resource and transportation asset.

With the purchase of the 11.6 mile CSX “Westside Corridor” railroad right of way in 2011, the City of Toledo and its regional partners are now making plans to develop one of the most significant portions of a regional bike trail system. The “Chessie Circle Trail” planned as a primary north – south bike trail route that will link users to other existing and proposed trails within the city and to trails planned in our neighboring communities. The Chessie Circle Trail is also part of a City of Toledo focus to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity from our neighborhoods to our parks, schools, public spaces, business districts and institutions. As outlined by the Chessie Circle Trail Development Plan, different portions of the corridor are now being developed by the five partner agencies: Toledo Area Metro Parks, City of Toledo, University of Toledo, Wood County Park District and the Wood County Port Authority. The City of Toledo portion of the corridor is located on the northern most quarter of the proposed trail between Bowman Park at Tremainsville Road and Ottawa Park at Bancroft Street.


The City of Toledo welcomes your participation and will hold a Public Open House Meeting to discuss the scheduled and proposed plans for this portion of Chessie Circle Bike Path Corridor. The Open House style of meeting allows you to come and go at any time during the meeting hours. City of Toledo staff and officials will be available with detailed plans and maps for your review.

Please find information about the meeting below:

The Open House
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Date: September 30th, 2014
Location: West Toledo YMCA
2110 Tremainsville Road, Toledo, OH 43613

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