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Spoken Toledo: An Evening of Toledo Storytelling is currently accepting submissions for consideration from those interested in performing at the event. Submission deadline is February 13. Entry fee is $5 per entry per category, please visit bit.ly/SpokenToledo for details.

Event date is March 12, 6:30pm at the Ohio Theatre & Events Center. With submissions and questions, please email spokentoledo@gmail.com.

Spoken is the first story-telling event of its kind in Toledo, an evening dedicated to sharing the experiences of ordinary people of our city in an extraordinary way. For details, bit.ly/SpokenToledo


All stories must be true and actual experiences of the author. All stories must be original content. Previously published material will be considered. Stories may have a Toledo-based connection or theme, but are not required. Spoken is an ages 18+ event, for both submissions and event attendees. Stories may contain adult themes but should be suitable for public performance.


– COVER PAGE: Include name, phone, email, title of story or stories submitted. If applicable, include previously published credits here. Please also indicate the category number for which you are submitting (1,2,or 3). Identifying information preferred but not required for category 2.

– AUTHOR BIO: Please submit a bio for the submitting author 3 to 7 complete sentences in length (preferred but not required for category 2).

– STORY SUBMISSION: Do not include your name on the story. Each page of the story must include story title and page number in the header. Up to 2 submissions per entrant per category.

– SUBMISSION FEE (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): pay the $5 non-refundable submission fee PER SUBMISSION CATEGORY by clicking the BUY TICKETS link. The fee is per category (EXAMPLE: Submit 2 stories to category #1 = $5 / submit 2 stories to category #1 and 2 stories to category #3 = $10/ $5 PER CATEGORY) you can pay multiple submission fees by increasing the “ticket” number to reflect the number of categories you are submitting to. If you submit a story that is not selected for performance your submission fee will count as a ticket for the event. (if you paid a submission fee under a different name than that of the author please let us know in your submission email to spokentoledo@gmail.com).


– Entries must be submitted in either Microsoft Word format (example.doc) or PDF format (example.pdf) for written work to be read.

– Audio entries must be submitted in MP3 digital audio format for recorded/spoken works.

– Entries for categories #1 and #2 must not exceed 5 minutes in reading/performance time.

– Entries in category #3 must not exceed 10 minutes in reading/performance time.

– Entries must be submitted to spokentoledo@gmail.com


-CATEGORY #1(RANDOM SELECTIONS): Entries in this category will be selected at random live during the event. To be selected, author’s must submit a story or stories in advance for consideration and must be present at the event. Those who register at the event will be selected at random out of the audience to present their work on stage (those not selected for eligibility will be notified in advance). this is intended to be the fun, spontaneous portion of the event meant for the free-wheeling gregarious storyteller. In total, 8 stories will be selected live for this category. (stories in this category will not be curated, but will be screened for appropriateness).

– CATEGORY #2 (STORYTELLERS ANONYMOUS): Entries in this category are for the storyteller who isn’t quite comfortable sharing their own tale, or who is happy to leave their work to the whim of another storyteller. Do you have a story to tell but aren’t quite comfortable on stage, or wish to remain anonymous? this section is for you. Entrants in this category may submit anonymously and are not required to provide contact information on submissions. Submissions will be curated by a panel of guest judges and paired with guest readers to perform the stories at the event. In total, 4 submissions will be selected for this category. (If you are only submiting anonymously please bring your online purchase confirmation email so that you are not charged twice for a ticket.

-CATEGORY #3 (FEATURED READERS): Entries in this category are for the serious reader. These submissions will be curated by a panel of guest judges and selected based on excellence in craft and emotional appeal. While not required, entries in this category may reach up to 10 minutes in length. In total, 5 stories will be selected for this category.

PLEASE MAKE ALL SUBMISSIONS TO spokentoledo@gmail.com

For more information and to pay submission fee, please visit bit.ly/SpokenToledo

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