Eddie York – WWII Hero and Toledo Artist

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Eddie York – WWII Hero and brilliant Toledo Artist. He was born in Detroit Michigan but lived most of his life in Toledo, Ohio. His father died at the age of 13 and his mother raised him. He was an only child. He served in the air force and WWII. He took care of his mother for three years and lost a piece of himself when she died. He suffered from PTSD and was a very quiet introverted man who lived in isolation after his mothers death. He was often misunderstood and mistreated. He was married twice and has a son who wanted nothing to do with him. Eddie only spoke to a few people and was very distrusting of others. His journals contain his thoughts and astrology readings and timelines for his art work. He created murals, replica coins for Harry Truman, a plane that was in the Toledo Zoo, and of course the famous busts that hung in Andres and Mugshots. Sadly the Nixon mural and his plane was destroyed and the busts from Andres were sold off at auction in 2011, and he wasn’t even named as the artist. His art is one of a kind and brilliant. Eddie passed away from lung cancer in 1986 at the Veterans home in Ann Arbor. He was buried in Toledo, Ohio by a close friend who loved and believed in Eddie. Come find out “Who Is Eddie York” on March 20th- 22nd.

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