Graham's Foundation Announces 2015 Ambassador Family

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Graham’s Foundation Will Introduce 2015
Ambassador Family at Tinis for Preemies Event
The new face of the organization will share their personal story and the
importance of having a network of support throughout the prematurity journey.

Graham’s Foundation (http://www.GrahamsFoundation.org), a Waterville non-profit that provides practical and emotional support to parents of premature babies throughout the US and Canada, announced it will present its 2015 Ambassador Family at their signature Tinis for Preemies fundraiser (http://grahamsfoundation.org/Tinis4Preemies.html) on the evening of Friday, March 6th at Carranor Hunt & Polo Club.

These events are designed to both raise funds and raise awareness of how something as common as premature birth can be an incredibly challenging and transformative experience for mothers, fathers, and caregivers. Kim and Neil McElroy, who have been chosen to represent Graham’s Foundation over the course of the year, will be formally introduced as the organization’s 2015 Ambassador Family and give a firsthand account of how prematurity really affects moms and dads at the event.

“Neither of us had any experience with prematurity until we had our twin sons at 31 weeks,” Kim explained. “We knew there was a small chance of complications because it was a twin pregnancy, conceived with IVF. What we didn’t know then was that there is a bond among those who have made it through this journey. Neither of us can imagine living through our days in the NICU and thereafter without the love and support of our families, friends, and the network of preemie parents we connected with through Graham’s Foundation.”

The McElroys, whose twins arrived nearly nine weeks early, were relatively lucky. While care and support for premature babies is a booming business, support for their parents – who can face emotional, practical, and financial hardships after a preemie’s birth – is seldom there. Moms and dads of preemies can find themselves isolated while coping with a situation so intense it leaves lasting scars in the form of anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. But Kim and Neil had good friends, Jim and Blair Nooney, who were local and had a preemie of their own, and it turned out the founders of Graham’s Foundation, Nick and Jennifer Hall, lived just down the street.

“Over the years, Jenn and I have shared our prematurity story at events and on our website, but as we broaden our reach and deepen our connection with our local community we feel it’s important to start sharing other families’ stories,” said Nick Hall, who founded Graham’s Foundation with his wife Jennifer after they experienced the birth of twins at just 25 weeks before facing the trials of the neonatal intensive care unit and the loss of one child. “There’s power in putting more parents’ stories out there. We want every new parent of a preemie to see they’re not alone from the very beginning.”

For more information about Tinis for Preemies events or sponsorship information, visit http://grahamsfoundation.org/Tinis4Preemies.html or http://grahamsfoundation.org/contactus.html

About Graham’s Foundation
Established in 2009 by Perrysburg residents Nick and Jennifer Hall, Graham’s Foundation is the premier global organization for parents going through the journey of prematurity. Graham’s Foundation offers resources, programs, and connections so parents are supported, empowered and hopeful throughout their journey. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the journey of prematurity alone. Visit http://GrahamsFoundation.org.

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