Saving Toledo Area Homeowners Thousands on Roofing Needs!

Posted Mar 27th, 2015 by Shelly Hunt  Category: Services


Getting word out about a new company that will save the homeowners in the Toledo area thousands!! Hunt’s Roofing. We began this company because after 20 years in the industry we were tired of seeing people go into debt to repair their homes. My partner and I wanted to give people the opportunity to truly see that they did not have to reinvest A large fraction of what the home is worth just keep it from rotting. Today I am gathering competitive quotes that will show this. Many homeowners are going with bigger companies, expecting better quality and often pay 2 – 4 times the necessary price. These bigger companies then turn around and hire a sub for a fraction (small fraction) of the cost. This is throwing homeowners into debt for loans that may not be needed.

I am excited to be able to provide this information. You shouldn’t have to pay for peace of mind when it comes to your home. It should come naturally as a result of caring for your investment properly!!!!
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