Metroparks Accepting Permit Applications For Deer Management Program

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As part of a comprehensive wildlife management program, Metroparks will accept applications starting Monday, August 3, for archery permits to take deer on designated park district properties.

Now in the third year of the program, Metroparks anticipates issuing 100 to 110 permits.

Volunteer bow hunters will be selected in a lottery drawing and will be required to perform a qualification shoot at Cleland’s Outdoor World, Swanton, or Bass Pro Shops, Rossford. Interested parties can find complete rules and regulations at MetroparksToledo.com, where they can also register starting Monday, April 3, at 9 a.m. Registration will close August 31 at 5 p.m.

Those drawn in the lottery will be permitted to hunt with a companion in one of approximately 20 prescribed areas for a three-week period during the hunting season, September 26, 2015, through February 7, 2016. New this year: Applicants can indicate their preferred three-week period on the permit application.

The designated areas change yearly based on management priorities. All of the management areas are within the Oak Openings Corridor, which stretches from Secor to Oak Openings Preserve Metroparks. Maps showing the designated areas will be posted on the website in August.

The deer management program using volunteer bow hunters was begun in 2013 because unnaturally high deer populations can result in damage to natural areas, reduce desirable food sources and adversely affect habitat for ground-nesting birds. As deer populations continue to grow they can create a health risk to the deer themselves.

“The park system has a responsibility to find a balanced, sustainable approach to resource management,” said Steve Madewell, executive director of Metroparks of the Toledo Area. “Deer are incredibly beautiful, however nearly anything in excess can have negative impacts.

“We have monitored deer browse and conducted aerial surveys for some time now, and it’s obvious that the deer population has continued to grow across the state, including both the urban and agricultural areas of Lucas County,” Madewell continued. “The results of the archery program will be closely monitored and evaluated each year for its efficiency as a population control.

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