Toledo Zoo Kicks Off Capital Levy Renewal Campaign

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Community leaders from around the region gathered at the Toledo Zoo today to kick off the Zoo’s 2015 Capital Levy Renewal Campaign. This 1 mill, ten-year levy is a renewal, not a new tax. This capital levy will support:
· Building an interactive, year-round river exhibit providing new homes for the Zoo’s hippos and bringing new animals, such as Kodiak bears and Giant river otters
to the Zoo;
· Renovation of the iconic Zoo tunnel under the Anthony Wayne Trail;
· Providing a larger & more exciting new exhibit for the Zoo’s tigers –including a new café- from which visitors will have the opportunity to view the cats up close;
· Redevelopment of the historic Museum of Science, reestablishing it as a fun, participatory learning experience;
· Completion of major repairs, maintenance and infrastructure improvements to keep the 100+ year-old Zoo relevant today and in the future.

Speakers at the kick-off ceremony offered their reasons for supporting the Zoo’s capital levy renewal and urged Lucas County voters to join them in voting for the Zoo on November 3.

Toledo Zoo executive director, Jeff Sailer, welcomed all in attendance and shared, “The capital levy renewal funds will assist the Zoo in its goal to become a year-round destination that features educational and engaging participatory exhibits for visitors.” Sailer then turned the microphone over to levy co-chairs. In her address today, levy co-chair, Fran Anderson, recalled family memories at the Zoo, while urging “…fellow senior citizens, please continue to show your support and vote for our Zoo.” Levy co-chair, Doni Miller a local business owner, noted the economic impact of the Zoo, including the anticipated return on investment. She also said, “The monthly amount a homeowner would pay to support the Zoo equates to the price of a cup of coffee.” According to levy co-chair, Bruce Baumhower, “The Zoo is something our community can, has and should unite around.”

At the kick-off event, Sailer and co-chairs unveiled the image for the 2015 Capital Levy Renewal Campaign. More information about the Toledo Zoo’s Capital Levy Renewal Campaign can be found at or on the levy Facebook page.

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