Mentoring Program for Youth at STAR Academy of Toledo

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September 14, 2015
Contact: Vuncia Council, Program Director

Community Connectors awards afterschool program with grant to administer mentoring program in greater Toledo

Gov. John R. Kasich outlined a new proposal to bring together families, community organizations, faith-based organizations, businesses and others in support of our schools and to mentor students. Community Connectors provides $10 million in 3-to-1 matching grants that will help give more Ohio students access to role models who can help motivate and inspire them, as well as help them develop skills that lead to success in school and the workplace.

“The power of mentorship holds great promise to help us better connect our communities with our schools, and lift up our educators and our kids. We can show them why learning matters, we can teach them about workplace culture and professional etiquette. We can help them appreciate how important good character is to success in life as well as values like hard work, discipline and personal responsibility—all of which can help motivate and inspire them to find their purpose and to reach for the stars.” — Gov. John R. Kasich

Toledo, Ohio – In the Toledo Public School District, 78% of students are below the Poverty rate. Many students go home with no food. The issues of poverty have interfered with the mission of receiving a solid education. Additionally, there is a lack of parental support, multiple learning challenges, truancy, family dysfunction and “teachers and staff are overwhelmed”. Although this grant will not solve all of the ailments, it will provide experienced role models for the students so they can envision a positive and productive future.

TOPS, Inc. and its Advantage Mentoring Program, is a tutoring and mentoring organization. TOPS, Inc. was one of a few organizations selected to mentor at risk youth and pair them with trained adults from the faith-based, business and non-profit sectors.

TOPS Advantage Mentoring will collaborate with community partners to provide a variety of enrichment services targeted to achieve positive outcomes for youth and their families. Students will receive one to one mentoring, career/STEM workshops, and field trips. Family support will include parent mentoring, and parent training. Additional support will be provided to teachers and staff in the form of curriculum materials and training, and activity coordination. TOPS Advantage mentoring will serve as the lead agency for the Community Connectors grant. Key partners include Cornerstone Church, National Parent Academy, and STAR Academy of Toledo. Other supporting agencies are General Motors Power Train Division – Toledo Ohio, whose volunteers will provide the “A World In Motion” (AWIM) program to Star Academy.

STAR Academy of Toledo
The STAR Academy mission is to “provide a caring, nurturing, neighborhood educational choice, by providing a high-quality competency-based education which integrates the teaching of character education/values and self-discipline, incorporates technology, stresses the importance of school attendance, and addresses the individual educational needs of each student.” STAR proudly boast small class sizes, supportive and creative environments, experiential learning, positive behavior support, performing arts and public speaking and Free Transportation. STAR is committed to providing the best educational option for its family.
STAR Academy of Toledo serves 180 students from grades k-8. There are 102 families represented at STAR.

Cornerstone Church
“Cornerstone Church is a part of the change happening at STAR Academy of Toledo. Since January 2015, Cornerstone has added their heart and hands to this thriving academic community and have seen the potential of the students and teachers rise to new heights. With our regular visits and school assemblies, students are presented with Big Ideas that help them to change the world around them. Cornerstone believes when our communities works together, we can heal the world and release the next generation into a better future.” (Harida Hampton)
Cornerstone is radically diverse in age, ethnicity and background. The church is involved locally and globally. The partnership with STAR Academy of Toledo and TOPS Advantage Mentoring, is another example of how Cornerstone unites with others to fulfill and accomplish their God-given mission. Like STAR Academy, they are committed to raising up a generation of Leaders that will leave their mark on the world.

National Parent Academy
National Parent Academy is in the business of educating and enhancing the skills and knowledge of parents to support successful outcomes for children and families. Their focus is life skills and Behavioral based topics.
In order for every parent to gain the knowledge offered by our company, our trainings are accessible in 3 different ways: 1) Small group classes using Certified Trainers, 2) One on one Mentoring sessions and 3) Online webinars. The primary goal at National Parent Academy is to make sure parents not only survive but thrive in the 21st Century.
One parent in Dayton, Ohio writes, “National Parent Academy” has given me the tools to manage my anger. My home is a much better place to live”

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