Toledo Fair Housing Center Client Seeks Opportunity, Faces Discrimination

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Case Successfully Resolved in Client’s Favor

Standing up for a client’s right to safe and equitable housing, Toledo Fair Housing Center successfully resolved a case through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development on behalf of a client who suffered racial and disability discrimination. After moving to a new apartment in Oregon, OH, Altovise Cardell experienced repeated harassment from her neighbor that led to a hostile living environment. Assistance was sought from property management R.J. Lloyd and Co., Ltd., who failed to intervene and refused to grant an early termination of the lease to enable Ms. Cardell to pursue alternative housing. Even though R.J. Lloyd and Co. Ltd. denies Ms. Cardell’s allegations, a conciliation agreement with R.J. Lloyd and Co., Ltd. was reached that includes an undisclosed financial compensation for Ms. Cardell, and incorporates measures to eliminate discriminatory practices that could harm other tenants.

Ms. Cardell’s pleas for help went unanswered when she contacted property management and the police, but Toledo Fair Housing Center was there to support her. “They returned my call right away—it was a miracle. I could have lost everything. I felt like I had nobody, then after I contacted Toledo Fair Housing Center I felt like I had the whole world by my side,” Ms. Cardell explained. Her move from Toledo to Oregon was prompted by a desire to secure enhanced educational opportunities for her children. The unwelcoming environment she encountered has compelled her to move back to Toledo.

“This case perfectly illustrates why fair housing is so important. Ms. Cardell made the move to Oregon because she wanted a better life for her family,” commented Michael Marsh, President and CEO of Toledo Fair Housing Center. “Discrimination not only took a toll on her well-being, it prevented her from taking advantage of all the assets that community has to offer. When we protect housing choice, we empower individuals to pursue the American Dream.”

To assist R.J. Lloyd and Co., Ltd. with developing more inclusive practices, Toledo Fair Housing Center will conduct training for R.J. Lloyd employees and provide guidance in the creation of a reasonable accommodation policy. The property management company will also be monitored to ensure continued compliance. These components of the agreement aim to prevent further discrimination from occurring. “The more informed housing providers can be, the better we can protect individuals from enduring discrimination,” continued Marsh. “But it goes beyond housing providers; the entire community plays a role in expanding access to housing opportunities. Public officials have a responsibility to raise awareness of fair housing rights in various sectors of their community, including schools and law enforcement. Toledo Fair Housing Center is a resource to these communities, as we provide training and educational materials. We also offer our partnership to any entity who seeks to build a more inclusive community where individuals can prosper.”

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