Scott’s Second Chance B4 Christmas

Posted Oct 30th, 2015 by Denisee Gaston  Category: Arts & Entertainment


The Gospel Musical Play “Scott’s Second Chance B4 Christmas”. Loosely based on a “Christmas Carol”, this story tells of a very selfish soul by the name of “Scott”. He’s successful, wealthy, but just down right mean and no good. Scott has a great nephew by the name of “Joe”. Joe is just the opposite of his Uncle; poor but kindhearted. Joe, along with his beautiful wife and three children struggle, due to their son Jesse’s medical expenses; but, they are still thankful. Despite no help at all from his beloved Uncle Scott; Joe, loves him, and believes Uncle Scott will turn from his destructive ways before it’s too late. Everyone deserves a second chance; don’t they? Well, Scott’s about to find out after he gets four visitors the night before Christmas. You’ll laugh, cry, and sing along with the amazing D.I.W. Vocals during this fantastic play. There are also performances from Toledo’s own Darius Coleman and Regina Wilson of Columbus Ohio. You don’t want to miss, “Scott’s Second Chance B4 Christmas”.

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