The Toledo International Film Festival (TIFF)

Posted Jan 26th, 2016 by Jan Czernik  Category: Arts & Entertainment, Toledo.com


The Second Annual Toledo International Film Festival (TIFF) will take place January 26th, January 30th, and February 6th at the Ohio Theatre and Event Center at 3115 Lagrange St.

Two films will screen each night with ‘Instructions Not Included’ (Mexico) at 4:30 PM and ‘Gabrielle’ (Canada) at 7:00 PM screening this Saturday (January 30th) and ‘I Wish’ (Japan) at 4:30 PM and ‘ White God’ (Hungary) at 7:00 PM (February 6th)

A performance by the Kazenodaichi Taiko Ensemble follows ‘I Wish’ on February 6th

Food and Alcohol provided

Tickets can be purchased at:

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