Maumee Valley Country Day School Issue Day 2016 – Planet Green: Goals for a Sustainable Future

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On Friday, March 4th from 12:30-3:00pm, Maumee Valley Country Day School’s Global Leadership Program will be hosting their annual Issue Day.

Issue Day is an event put on every year. In the past, the junior class has hosted the event, however, this year the Global Leadership Program has taken it on. Each year the students choose a topic that they see as relevant and meaningful to the modern day world. Committees are established to obtain speakers, organize logistics, and market the event. Scheduled speakers for the event come from a wide variety of professions and viewpoints, and they are knowledgeable and well-versed on the chosen topic. They provide attendees with insight on the topic and how it affects the world today.

This year, Maumee Valley Country Day School’s Global Leadership Program members have decided to host an Issue Day centered around the environment and how that affects our everyday life. From climate change to food agriculture, from deforestation to species extinction, Issue Day is meant to be a space for open discussion of topics which might be difficult to discuss on an average school day. The students’ hope is that by the end of the day everyone will be more aware of the topic, of how it affects their life, and of how they can take action.

Students from numerous high schools in the area have been formally invited to attend the event including St. Francis DeSales, St. John’s Jesuit, St. Ursula Academy, Notre Dame Academy, Central Catholic, Toledo Christian, Ottawa Hills, Toledo School of the Arts, Cardinal Stritch, and more.

The Global Leadership Program works to educate students on global issues. Through the program, students will analyze global issues and foster leadership skills through collaborative and creative problem solving, communication, education, critical thinking, and inquiry to become lifelong learners and leaders in the school community and affect change locally and globally.

Issue Day allows for students to interact with and learn from experts of the year’s chosen global topic. This year’s Issue Day will be a focused half day event. The first hour and half, guests are invited to attend two presentations by experts of their choice. The last hour will include an interactive activity geared to reveal some of the environmental problems caused by humans and how we can work to fix them.

Issue Day 2016 is free and open to the public.

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