Glacity Theatre Collective to perform at the Toronto Fringe Festival House of Vinyl

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House of Vinyl – Center Theatre, Center for Performing Arts on UT main campus, June 25 & 26, 2016
Written by Edmund B. Lingan and Timothy Lake
Toronto Fringe Festival, June 29 – July 10, 2016

Toledo: Glacity Theatre Collective has been selected to perform at the Toronto Fringe Festival, June 29 – July 10 this summer, and will take their original musical, House of Vinyl, written and composed by company members Edmund B. Lingan and Timothy Lake. Originally developed and performed in Toledo a year ago, this tightly-wound, bubble-wrapped, 55 minute psychedelic musical was developed as part of Glacity Theatre Collective’s “Junkbox Theatre” project. The idea is to take the unfinished scripts, loosely connected scenes, current obsessions, scribbled notes and musical compositions (with or without lyrics) that company members have just lying around from previous inspirations, and mash them together to see what sticks. The ultimate goal is a completely new story that any audience can appreciate. The musical has been reworked slightly since its original production, and now features a smaller cast playing multiple roles. In the Fringe format, companies have exactly 15 minutes to set up for each performance and another 15 to strike afterwards, so the technical elements have had to be streamlined to fit the Fringe parameters.

Directed by Lake and based on a story that Lingan has written and re-written as a play, novel, and screenplay, House of Vinyl focuses on Horton Stephen Wilder, who has an intense fear of open spaces, or agoraphobia. When Horton is forced out of his apartment and into the street because of a gas leak, he embarks on a strange and hallucinogenic journey involving lawyer-knights, psychic stingrays, a diaper fetishist, and yards and yards of vinyl. Will he ever make it back to his apartment and safety? Or will he be trapped in the House of Vinyl forever?

Nolan Thomaswick is returning in the role of Horton. Other returning cast members are Jennifer Nagy-Lake, Tori Zajac, Edmund Lingan, and Holly Monsos. New to the cast are Lynnette Bates, Gary Insch, and Noah York.

The Lingan-Lake score is mostly guitar driven and is played by Lingan and Insch, augmented with triggered samples. Andrés Medina is Stage Manager, costumes are designed by Lynnette Bates, and lighting is designed by Cory Sprinkles.

To help offset the cost of housing a company of 11 for nearly two weeks in Toronto, Glacity has started a Go Fund Me campaign. To learn more or to donate your support, go to House of Vinyl will play two performances in Toledo before leaving for Toronto, on June 25 & 26 at 8:00 pm in the Center Theatre of the Center for Performing Arts on the UT main campus. The doors open one half hour prior to curtain. All tickets are $20 online or at the door and include a reception afterwards. To purchase tickets in advance, go to After the Toledo run, the company will move to Toronto and will do 7 performances at the Robert Gill Theatre during the Festival. To learn more about the Toronto Fringe, go to

Go to for more information about Glacity or House of Vinyl.

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