The Wizard of ODD

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On July 9th, the Squidling Bros. Presents: A theatrical retelling of an iconic American story – The Wizard of ODD.
Directed by Matterz Squidling and Mackenzie Moltov

Collingwood Arts Center
8pm doors 9pm show $16 (day of show) Presale tickets: $12 2 tickets for $20

Sideshow, Burlesque, Circus & Fire Arts! Featuring performers from Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia!

Featuring Local Talent Erin Garber-Pearson and Kathleen Livingston of Birds Eye View Circus, and local sideshow talent Erik Bang.

Original Soundtrack / Musical Score by: Ringmaster Zeb, Velvet Crayon, & Satori Circus

Let us take you on a two hour journey to the magical land of “Odd.” Witness an interactive theatrical performance filled with dangerous stunts, beautiful dance numbers, and stunning circus acts!
The worst storm in the history of Detroit comes through whisking two young boys off to the magical land of Odd, where everyone becomes who they truly are. Donny transforms into a young woman named Dorothy Gale (Pollyanna High-Gloss) and Tommy transforms into her best friend, Toto the Dog (Bayard Matty). After Dorothy’s apartment lands on the Wicked Witch of the East (Matterz Squidling) making her a hero to the people of Munchkin Land (Eric Scott Baker, Flec Mindscape, Aimee Funk and Ring Master Zeb) she is sent on a journey to meet the “Wizard of Odd” (Velvet Crayon), and find her way home.

On the way, the two meet a host of characters including: A Scarecrow (Jelly Boy the Clown), a Tin Man (Satori Circus) and a very Cowardly Lion (Titano Oddfellow). Their bond of friendship defeats the Wicked Witch of the West (Red Rum) and her army of Flying Monkeys (Sanjula Vamana, Violet and Fortuna) restoring peace to the Land Of Odd.
The Wizard of Odd is a story about embracing and celebrating the “freak” inside. Staying true to the fairy-tale quality of the original we are taking a light-hearted and adult-oriented approach to this classic tale. We hope these themes will bring positivity to LGBTQ Rights awareness and show the lighter side of freakshow.

*Pollyanna High-Gloss/Ben Hendricks -“Dorothy Gale”
*Jelly Boy the Clown -“The Scarecrow”
*Erik Bang -“The Tin Man”
*Titano Oddfellow -“The Cowardly Lion”
*Madeleine Belle -“Glenda The Good Witch”
*Bayard Matty -“Toto”
*Redrum “The Wicked Witch of the West”
*Matterz Squidling -“The Wicked Witch of the East”
*Sanjula Vamana -“The Flying Monkey King”
*Violet and Fortuna-“Flying Monkeys”
*Erin Garber Pearson-“The Tornado”
*Fibi Eyewalker -“Queen of the Field Mice”
*Flec Mindscape -“The Gatekeeper”
*Aimee Funk and Eric Scott Baker -“Munchkin Lolli Pop Guild”
*Ringmaster Zeb -“The Munchkin King” & “The Odd Head”
*Velvet Crayon -“The Wizard”


Event Recap:

The Wizard of ODD
Collingwood Arts Center
2413 Collingwood Blvd.
Toledo, OH
July 9
Additional Info: 8pm doors 9pm show
8pm doors 9pm show $16 (day of show) Presale tickets: $12 2 tickets for $20

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