The Toledo Area Humane Society is Proud to Announce Participation in Humane Society International’s South Korea Dog Meat Market Rescue Mission

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The Toledo Area Humane Society is proud to announce that they will be receiving several dogs from a recent rescue mission conducted by Humane Society International. These dogs are being saved from the sixth dog meat market in South Korea that HSI has successfully shut down. In a statement from Humane Society International, they said:

“A group of dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, by Humane Society International will be arriving in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC this week… HSI rescued 200 dogs in recent days and is transporting them to the United States, Canada and the UK for re-homing. This is the sixth dog meat farm closure in South Korea managed by HSI, with a total of 770 dogs rescued since January 2015 as part of the organization’s campaign to end the dog meat trade in South Korea and across Asia.”

Of these 200 rescued dogs, TAHS is likely to receive around 10 of them at their shelter. These dogs have already been vaccinated (including canine influenza), quarantined and will be traveling with international health certificates. Upon arrival, they will be given medical examinations and microchips.

These dogs will most likely need to spend time in foster care before they are available for adoption once they are deemed medically fit and behaviorally sound. The Toledo Area Humane Society is thrilled to have the opportunity to play a part in the fight against the global epidemic of animal cruelty by offering these special dogs a second chance at a happy life. The first dogs coming to TAHS are set to arrive at the shelter around 9:00 pm on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

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